An Inconvenienced Truth

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Driving an Electric Car will add complexity and inconvenience to your life with no reward…so why are you even considering owning one?

By Bob Gordon



120 years ago electric powered vehicles ruled the roads of the world…and then they didn’t. As modernizing society sped up their lives, the need for more convenient, faster and less complicated
ways of doing life nurtured the creation and acceptance of inventions, most iterations of which we still have today. Once the old ways were replaced they never came back to complicate our lives…only one,
Electric Cars.

Who out there will go back in time and trade your simplifying-life machine for its time-eating predecessor?

  • Your Get-In-The-Car-Without-Planning and Just Go Freedom
  • Your Washing Machine for a scrub board
  • Your Clothes Dryer for a clothes line
  • Your Frost Free Refrigerator for an ice box
  • Your Air Conditioner for a paper
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