Toyota chief Akio Toyoda is 2021 World Car Person of the Year

Toyota president and CEO Akio Toyoda has been named 2021 World Car Person of the Year by the World Car Awards organisation.

Akio Toyoda posing for the camera

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Akio Toyoda

The charismatic Toyota leader beat four other global automotive execs to the top spot thanks to votes from 93 international motoring journalists.

Mr Toyoda succeeds last year’s winner, Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares, in being honoured as someone who has made a significant contribution to the global automotive industry.

“On behalf of all 360,000 Toyota team members around the world, thank you for this tremendous honour!” said Mr Toyoda.

“If you don’t mind, however, I would like to change this award from car ‘person’ of the year to car ‘people’ of the year – because it’s the collective effort of all our global employees, retailers and suppliers that has truly made Toyota what it is today.

“I for one couldn’t be

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2021 Hyundai Elantra vs. 2021 Toyota Corolla

Brian Harper: One doesn’t have to look that far back into the 21 st Century to find the time when it was compact sedans and hatchbacks that dominated Canada’s highways and byways, not the now seemingly ubiquitous crossover . The best ones — and there were many to choose from — sold in large numbers, often being the top-selling model for the manufacturer. These days, not so much . And with the Detroit Three giving up on the segment, it’s the Asian manufacturers — along with VW and its Jetta — that remain committed to the small, affordable cars that serve a variety of basic needs.

a car covered in snow: 2021 Hyundai Elantra vs 2021 Toyota Corolla Apex

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2021 Hyundai Elantra vs 2021 Toyota Corolla Apex

Honda’s Civic has held the title of Best Selling Car in this country for 23 years. Number two and three are Toyota’s Corolla and Hyundai’s Elantra, which are the subject of this

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2018 Toyota RAV4 Lease Payment Calculator

Payment Details

Total Monthly Payment


Total Lease Cost


Lease Fee


Next Steps

Our calculators are intended to produce rough estimates provided solely for informational purposes. You should not take action based on the information provided through this calculator alone. When available, we recommend you use interest rate information provided to you by your dealer or lender.

Car Lease Calculator

As new cars get more technologically advanced and more expensive, new car leasing has gotten more popular. However, if you’ve never done it before, leasing a car can seem confusing.

It doesn’t have to be. A new car lease is simply another way of borrowing money to pay for a car. There are two main differences between a car lease and a car loan: how much of the car’s value you borrow and what happens at the end of the lease or loan term.

When you finance a

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Toyota Leads Losses After Renesas Fire Stokes Chip Crunch Fears

(Bloomberg) — Japanese automaker shares fell Monday after a fire unexpectedly halted one of chipmaker Renesas Electronics Corp.’s largest plants, exacerbating a growing global shortage of automotive semiconductors.

Renesas slid as much as 5.4%, while customers from Toyota Motor Corp. to Honda Motor Co. and Nissan Motor Co. also fell in early trading. One of the biggest suppliers of car chips, Renesas was forced to halt a Japanese plant Friday after a fire broke out in one of its clean rooms, critical areas designed to keep impurities from contaminating semiconductors.

Toyota said Monday it’s trying to gauge the fallout from that unexpected halt, which could ripple across an industry already struggling to keep assembly lines operating during a severe shortage of chips. The Renesas fire will likely worsen a crunch that stemmed from booming demand for home and work gadgets during the pandemic, estimated earlier this year to cost global

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