Is Biden’s 500,000 proposal on target?

If the gas shortages tied to the Colonial Pipeline’s cyberattack have taught us anything, it’s how quickly things can go haywire when we fear our access to fuel has been lost.

So, anyone who has ever run low on gas without knowing whether there’s a gas station nearby knows what it’s like to drive an electric car that’s low on battery power. After all, do you know where your closest charging station is?

That condition – known as range anxiety – could soon be eradicated. President Joe Biden is proposing a massive investment in electric car charging stations that would make it much easier to “fill up” on electricity.

Without more chargers, the popularity of electric vehicles – which have been welcomed as a way to help mitigate climate change but represent only about 1 in 50 vehicles sold in 2020 – may remain limited.

While automakers like General Motors,

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