BMW’s i Vision Circular Is a Sustainable, Recycled EV

The automotive industry is one of the most planet-harming manufacturing sectors, even if the focus on electric cars is bigger than ever, but BMW is looking to change this with its just-revealed concept, the i Vision Circular.

Positioned as a car for 2040, the i Vision Circular combines sustainability with the marque’s premium and luxurious touch for something that’s never been seen in the automotive world before. As the name suggests, the car has been designed using the principles of a circular economy, which in turn aims to make BMW the “world’s most sustainable manufacturer in the individual premium mobility space.”

Under the titles “RE:THINK,” “RE:DUCE,” “RE:USE,” and “RE:CYCLE,” BMW has created a car that is made entirely from either recycled materials or are 100% recyclable. This is achieved by using materials that have already fulfilled a product life cycle and by using bio-based raw materials, and to further the

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CEO and Chairman Adrian Hallmark Wants Bentley Motors to Be the Most Sustainable Luxury Automotive Manufacturer In the World. He’s Well on His Way.

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Bentley Motors has always epitomized luxury. That’s an undeniable fact that’s been well-established by the company’s reputation over the last century.

“People still love the comfort and the elegance and the refinement. They don’t want a sports car or a pure sports sedan,” Bentley Motors Global CEO and Chairman Adrian Hallmark tells Entrepreneur about customers and admirers of the luxury motor vehicle company in an early morning conversation. “But they do like the idea of 207 miles per hour, 626 horsepower, four-wheel drive, and the craftsmanship that nobody else can beat. When you put all that together, and you drive it every day, these people feel like they’re on another planet.”

Hallmark has a rare level of approachability about him; he is warm yet cool and precise, extremely knowledgeable in an almost intimidating way, yet confident in that there is no need to rattle

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What Is Sustainable Fashion?

Ryan Azia, executive director of RVAFW, said the preparation this 12 months was challenging. The government team had to “strike a delicate steadiness” of how many people they really needed to carry out the show versus what number of visitors could safely attend. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, final year’s RVAFW occasion was moved to October and held principally on-line. However, this spring’s iteration of fashion week used a mix Fashion & Shopping of virtual, outside and limited capability indoor events. This year’s lineup included a print launch party for fashion journal VA Style, streetwear and classic fashion shows, a excessive-fashion runway present and a fashion panel dialogue, which focused on inspiring a brand new technology of creatives. With gowns featuring large hoop skirts, outsized puff sleeves, ruffles and feathers, designer Azi Blas knows no bounds.


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