10 Vandalized Dream Cars That Will Shake You

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Check out these heartbreaking photos of destroyed collector cars.

A scorn ex, rioters looking to make as much damage as possible, random criminals, it doesn’t matter, car vandals suck! While we’ve seen quite a bit more nefarious automotive damage over the last few months, it’s a trend that’s plagued owners of dream cars for decades. Here are some of the hardest to look at vandalized collector cars across the internet.

Some incidents with destroyed cars actually do have a happy ending, you can read about one here.

2015 Corvette

Image Via Copart

Image Via Copart

This Stingray was found on Copart after being vandalized with white paint. It only has 7,485 miles on the clock, and so much life left to live. Corvette Blogger speculates that the Trump bumper sticker on the rear could have caused the Corvette to become a target.

2014 Corvette

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