Inside the Rambler Ranch, One of the World’s Greatest Automotive Collections Hiding in Rural Colorado

America has many excellent car museums scattered across the country: The Henry Ford in Dearborn, the Petersen in LA, the LeMay in Washington…the list goes on. For whatever reason, it typically doesn’t include Rambler Ranch–one of the greatest collections in automotive history, tucked away in rural Colorado, unknown except to the most ardent fans of American Motors Corporation. That changes today.

a car parked on a city street filled with lots of traffic

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Situated down an unsuspecting dirt road outside the town of Elizabeth, the Rambler Ranch contains the world’s largest collection of Nash, Rambler, and AMC cars. Over 250 vehicles are packed into multiple buildings, with another 500 or so parts cars sitting out in the “Boneyard.” Rare memorabilia and promotional materials cover the walls, floors, and shelves. It is an impressive sight to behold, even for non-car enthusiasts. For AMC people, it’s essentially heaven. For everyone else, it’s utterly captivating.

a car parked in a parking lot: Inside the AMC building.

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