Bentley And Mercedes-Benz Rocking The 1920-1930 Racing Scene

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These companies have been at war for over a century to gain the title of the worlds fastest automotive manufacturer.

Automotive racing is one of the world’s favorite sports due to its fast-paced nature, high stakes, and awesome cars. Many car enthusiasts gather every year to watch races such as the Indianapolis 500, Le Mans, and other iconic races as the cars and their drivers battle in a brutal fight for the first place position. Despite the intense following that this sport has gained throughout its time as an international pass time, most fans probably don’t know the incredible history behind some of the world’s favorite races. European cars, in particular, were quite influential in the creation of automotive racing as these were some of the first sports cars.

You think this is cool, watch a Model T off-roading here.

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The Porsche Mission R Concept Might Be the All-Electric Future of Racing

Photo credit: S_BOGNER_

Photo credit: S_BOGNER_

  • Porsche revealed the Mission R Concept electric race car at IAA, which could replace the current 911 GT3 Cup car.

  • The Mission R produces a constant power output of 671 hp in race mode, and can go 0-60 mph in less than 2.5 seconds.

  • The concept may also preview the next 718.

The automotive world is going electric, and that looks like it will include race cars.

The IAA Mobility auto show was once known simply as the Frankfurt Auto Show and featured grand reveals on expensive show stands where the industry’s great leaders spoke at length about the present and future of the automobile. But that was in the past, as soon may be internal combustion itself. As the world and the car industry go green, what was once known as Frankfurt Auto Show has been drastically scaled down. It moved from Frankfurt to Munich

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Martin Technologies merges love of racing, cars with innovation and new technology

DETROIT (WXYZ) — August is National Black Business month, and to celebrate, each week on The Rebound Detroit, we’re introducing 7 Action News viewers to a thriving local Black-owned business.

From hospitality to beauty, home services and retail; all month long we’re shining a light on the struggles and the triumphs these businesses and their owners have seen over the last year and a half, and the impact they’re making on the community.

You’ve likely already seen the impact Martin Technologies and Martin Motorsports has had on classic and newer cars, perhaps without even knowing it.

Chairman and CEO Harold Martin runs a national and global leader in automotive innovation, and it all started on the race track.

“Racing for me actually started at childhood. My dad was involved as a hobby. And we did very well racing,” Martin told Action News at his Novi facility.

During the course of

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Atlantic City Indoor Auto Racing events cancelled for 2021

The Atlantic City NAPA Auto Parts race weekend has officially become the fourth and final COVID-19 victim of the 2021 Indoor Auto Racing Championship Series fueled by VP Racing Fuels. The 19th annual event promoted by Len Sammons inside the famous Boardwalk Hall had originally been planned for January 29th and 30th.

The race weekend was then postponed a month to the end of February in hopes that conditions would improve and restrictions be loosened allowing the event to held. However, strict New Jersey State gathering restrictions have remained in place for large seating indoor arenas.

While a recent trend of improving COVID-19 cases and a growing number of vaccination gives hope for the future, it has come too late to salvage the Indoor Auto Racing Championship Series fueled by VP in 2021.

“It’s with great regret that we cancelled the fourth and final scheduled race on our indoor series

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