Classic Car Collecting Doesn’t Deserve The Pricey Stigma

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But how does it stack up against other hobbies?

My best friend’s dad is someone everyone knows as the ‘collector guy’. He collects cars, coins, knives, cards, whiskey, you name it. On top of his collections, he’s also an avid boater and golfer. During dinner last week, while he was discussing several of these things and then talked about selling one of his Cadillacs to make room for another classic car, his wife joked that collecting cars was the cheapest hobby he has. This comment definitely got a sideways look from my side of the table, but when I started thinking about it, I decided it was a subject that warranted some digging.

Before going down this rabbit hole, I wanted to lay down some criteria to find out how cheap or expensive collecting a car is, in comparative to other hobbies.

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