This Aston Martin DB5 Junior Is Packed With 007 Spy Gadgets For Bond Kids

Photo credit: Aston Martin

Photo credit: Aston Martin

In the world of pop culture, few automobiles are as recognizable as James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5. The titular spy has been linked with the car for fifty years now, and the pair will be united once more in the upcoming No Time To Die. As Aston Martin prepares for the on-screen return of this cinematic and automotive icon, the automaker has teamed up with The Little Car Company to create a limited run of 007-spec DB5s in two-thirds scale.

In order to accurately recreate Bond’s iconic ride, an orignal example was 3D-scanned to allow for precise recreations of parts. The level of accuracy on the DB5 Junior is superb, right down to the Silver Birch paintwork, Smiths gauges, and genuine Aston Marin chassis plates.

Of course, not everything is entirely movie-accurate. The roof found on Bond’s car is missing in this case, as the

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Cars are packed with technology, but they can still be hacked

The threat to people’s lives is terrifying, so auto manufacturers need to change their old-school strategies to protect people.

TechRepublic’s Karen Roby spoke with Eric Sivertson and J.P. Singh of Lattice, a human resources platform, about cyberattacks in cars. The following is an edited transcript of their conversation.

Karen Roby: Car manufacturers are at a crossroads, as they’re trying to deliver the features that customers want, while keeping safety and security. Lattice recently held a webinar to discuss these safety and security issues. Eric, I’ll start with you. Before we started recording, we were talking about the old guard is out. Things are changing, and it’s so important when it comes to cars that we keep up with security, because the thought of someone being able to just take over a car remotely, it’s a pretty scary thought.

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Eric Sivertson: What’s happened in

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