Minnesota State SE student: “I feel like a car is just a big puzzle’ | Local News

Taryn Reichow graduated from Winona State University last spring with a major in legal studies and a minor in Spanish. So how did she end up in the automotive technology program at Minnesota State College Southeast this year?

“Auto mechanics has been on my mind since high school. Everyone is surprised because it’s something that I never shared with anyone,” said Taryn.

Taryn grew up in Glencoe, a small town west of the Twin Cities. While in high school, she took enough college-level classes to cover most of the general education requirements. That meant when she started at WSU, she was already a year ahead, so she was able to graduate in only three years.

She had always been fascinated by automobiles, especially the restoration of classic cars. “My grandpa had a vintage Dodge truck that he completely restored when he was first married,” she said. “My grandmother used to

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Edmunds: Best Car Matches for Valentine’s Day | Michigan News


February is the month of love, and for many people, that means trying to find Mr. or Mrs. Right. The same goes for cars. It isn’t easy finding the right one, and many have personalities of their own. So why not choose your next car as you would a date? The car experts at Edmunds have evaluated five cars with distinct personalities in the hopes of matching you with the next automotive love of your life.

We’ve listed the vehicles in ascending order of price and added destination fees to the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.


A hopeless romantic is someone who can’t help but love someone who may not always make the most sense. The Mazda MX-5 Miata has attractive styling, is fun to drive, and can rekindle the love you once had for a manual transmission. But the Miata

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Automotive Dealerships Need Compelling Digital Buying Journey, According to New Data from OSF Digital | News

This latest report makes a case for automotive dealers to optimize their websites to drive greater sales

QUEBEC CITY, Jan. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – OSF Digital, a leading provider of digital transformation services to companies worldwide, has released a new report titled: The OSF Digital 2022 U.S Automotive Dealership Ecommerce Benchmark Study. The report reveals that consumers want to complete car research online to get direct visibility into inventory at specific dealerships. It also indicates that consumers want the convenience of requesting a meeting to get a quote or book a test drive, and they want access to marketplaces of related products to help streamline their busy lives. Despite this need, many U.S. automotive dealers are behind and not providing online tactical, tangible, and pragmatic solutions to engage customers. Download and read the full benchmark report here.

“Customers are digital-first, and automotive dealerships need effective digital

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Routine check-ups can save a trip to the car shop after winter weather | Mid-Missouri News

COLUMBIA – The cold weather in Mid-Missouri is far from over, and cars that aren’t taken care of in the cold could cause an unexpected trip to the repair shop.

All-Star Automotive is a place where mechanics are specialized to keep cars in winter weather shape.

Each winter All-Star sees the same problems:

  • Dead car batteries
  • Damaged windshield wipers and wiper system
  • Problems from sliding on ice into obstructions  
  • Tire, wheel, and suspension damage from winter-created potholes.

All-Star has had more business trickling in with frigid temperatures coming through Mid-Missouri.

“There’s been a little bit of an increase since Missouri decided that it was going to be cold now.”

All-Star Automotive says to keep an eye on older cars that are more apt to complications from

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