Danville man’s ’55 Thunderbird so much more than just a car

In the competitive automotive world, Ford and Chevrolet have been adversaries for 110 years. The first Ford Model T was built in 1908 and the first Chevrolet in 1911. The Chevrolet was a more advanced car, but the price was $2,150, compared to the Model T for $850. While there were other manufacturers building cars, the main rivalry was Ford versus Chevrolet. Both brands had fierce loyalty among their owners, being the best-selling car was the goal of each, and each tried to learn the secret plans of their competitor.

Right after World War II, the car business was pretty good for everyone, and the industry was mostly building cars styled before the war. In January 1953, Chevrolet showed a concept sports car called the Corvette. It created a lot of excitement because it looked great, but initially it wasn’t a very good car. Apparently across town in Detroit,

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