This Iconic Volkswagen Is Getting An Electric Facelift In March

Volkswagen is revealing its 2024 ID.Buzz, an electric reboot of its iconic vans, in March with a sleek facelift that stays true to the original.

Volkswagen has finally announced a reveal date for their upcoming 2024 Volkswagen ID.Buzz, an electric version of the iconic minibus line. The longtime automotive manufacturer is using its strong and recognizable branding to enter the competitive electric market. The surprise confirmation comes nearly five years after Volkswagen announced it would be producing retail units of its concept electric vehicle (EV). The van’s design takes cues from the original Type 2 Microbus it resembles but provides a sleek facelift to match similar EVs in its class.

The longtime automotive manufacturer is entering a competitive market, with top brands from Ford to Sony vying for market share. However, by invoking nostalgia from the recognizable design of the original Microbus, the company might just brew the perfect

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Iconic Car Customizer Showed His Car Collection In A Youtube Premiere

Renowned car customizer, Gene Winfield shared his custom designs during Mojave Shop Tour. He is well-known for his works in Hollywood films like Batman, Star Trek, and Blade Runner.

The members of the Petersen Automotive Museum explored Winfield’s shop and looked into some of his custom builds in the latest Youtube Premiere. His work isn’t only limited to cars, but also props and set design for Hollywood films.

Winfield is 94-years old who made a name for himself in classic car restorations and hot rodding culture. His workshop, museum, and safehouse are all located in the Mojave Desert.

His home is like a small-size art gallery that includes a wide range of collections such as model cars, guitars, art pieces, vintage automotive signs, and trophies. Also, Winfield is a huge Star Trek fan, where he dedicated an entire room for props, set designs, and the legendary captain’s chair.

Coming to

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Legendary and Iconic Chevys Through the Decades

1990 Corvette C4 ZR-1


Swiss automotive engineer and race car driver Louis Chevrolet founded Chevrolet Motor Car in 1911 with the ousted founder of General Motors. His name lives on in the legacy of one of the oldest, bestselling, and most popular brands in American automotive history.

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Series C Classic Six


The Series C Classic Six is an icon, if for no other reason than because it was the first vehicle from the fledgling Chevrolet Motor Car Co. Big, heavy, and powerful for its day, its 40-horsepower 4.8-liter six-cylinder cast-iron engine — one of the most powerful on the road — was enough for an incredible 65 mph top speed.

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1932 Deluxe Sport

Alf van Beem

The first of the Confederate series, the ’32 Deluxe Sports Roadster just might be the snazziest Chevy ever built, nearly 90 years on. Powered by a straight-six that

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Petersen Museum to exhibit iconic F1 cars

The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles is set to open a brand-new exhibition dedicated to Formula 1 cars.

a close up of a road: Petersen Museum F1 Exhibition

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Petersen Museum F1 Exhibition

Opening on July 24, “Pole Position: The Juan Gonzalez Formula 1 Collection”, includes F1 racers from the 1980s through to 2018.

Ten cars owned by Juan Gonzalez, Chairman of the Board of Mission Foods, will be accompanied by an immersive 180-degree video experience.

Taking pole position

Petersen Museum F1 Exhibition

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Petersen Museum F1 Exhibition

Two of the cars on show at the Petersen Museum will have a link to the late Ayrton Senna

The bright yellow Lotus 99T took the Brazilian driver to two victories in the 1987 season. This included the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix.

The 1994 Williams FW15D is one of the last Formula 1 cars driven by Senna before his tragic death.

Video: Lewis Hamilton takes

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