The Spare McLaren F1 GTR Bumper and Wheels You Definitely Need Are For Sale

Photo credit: Infinitous

Photo credit: Infinitous

Just 28 examples of the McLaren F1 GTR exist. If you are one of the few lucky private owners of the racing variant of the most legendary car of at least the last 30 years, you already know that this means spare parts are in short supply. Thankfully, two memorabilia sales have solved your problem.

Both pieces are from chassis No. 06R, the Harrods Mach One Racing car that finished third at Le Mans in 1995. You may remember No. 06R as the car that McLaren matched with a similarly-painted P1 GTR back in 2015, but it is best known as a four-time winner in the short-lived BPR Global GT Series. That car has long since been converted into a road car, but a set of wheels and a racing bumper live from its glory days as a GT racer are available for private sale.

Photo credit: ©2021 Courtesy of RM Sotheby's


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