Edmunds: Shopping for a car this year will not be the same

2021 was an unusual year for the automotive industry. While customer demand for new cars rebounded from the economic uncertainty of 2020, automakers found themselves unable to meet that demand because of semiconductor chip shortages and supply chain problems. So what should car shoppers expect for 2022? Much of the same, unfortunately.

“Competition for new vehicles will be fierce as inventory shortages persist in 2022,” said Ivan Drury, Edmunds’ senior manager of insights for Edmunds.

Shoppers today must contend with a limited selection, dealership markups, little to no discounts, and a greater sense of urgency to move quickly on a deal. With this in mind, here are five ways that car buying has changed, along with a few tips on how to manage it.



Vehicles that make their way onto the lot are more likely to be in more expensive trims and either marked

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Rivian Picks Up an EV Award From Edmunds. Its Stock Falls Anyway.

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The 2022 Rivian R1T.

Courtesy of Rivian

Automotive data provider Edmunds released its 2022 list of the top-rated cars, trucks, and SUVs Wednesday. Electric-vehicle maker

Rivian Automotive

picked up an award in a brand-new category.

“Every year, we test over 300 vehicles on road and track to deliver the definitive verdict,” said Alistair Weaver, editor in chief at Edmunds, in a news release. “Our winners aren’t just the best vehicles that happened to launch this year; they’re the best vehicles you can buy today.”


‘s (ticker: RIVN) brand-new pickup truck, dubbed R1T, was named the first-ever Edmunds Editors’ Choice. “Were proud to debut an award to honor a vehicle that’s exceeded our expectations and delivered something genuinely new,” said an Edmunds presenter. The R1T is, essentially, the first all-electric pickup truck being delivered in the U.S. Edmunds praised the R1T’s range, power, and handling.

It’s another

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Edmunds: How to Get the Best Towing Vehicle for Your Needs | Michigan News


You might be thinking about hitting the road this spring with a new SUV or truck and pulling a trailer or toy hauler. But figuring out what kind of vehicle to get without overspending can be a confusing process.

To help, Edmunds’ car shopping experts have advice on how to better understand the jargon and interpret the potentially misleading towing numbers offered by automakers.


The towing capacity of your vehicle is generally related to its size. For many small SUVs, expect a tow rating of around 1,000-2,000 pounds. This isn’t much but can be sufficient to tow a small utility trailer.

Upgrade to a new midsize SUV or a midsize pickup truck and you can tow considerably more. Trailers will still be relatively small, but when you want to tow more than a small utility trailer, things can get heavy

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Edmunds compares the 2021 Tesla Model S and Porsche Taycan

The Tesla Model S debuted nearly a decade ago and instantly portended the future of electric vehicles. Here was a sleek-looking EV with intriguing new technology features and unmatched performance and range. Tesla’s continual updates along the way have kept the rest of the automotive industry in catch-up mode. Only recently has a model come out to rival the Model S: the Porsche Taycan.

The Taycan isn’t as revolutionary, but it offers similar capabilities plus the aura of Porsche’s sports car-building ethos. Is it good enough to unseat the Model S? Edmunds’ experts tested both to find out.


The Model S Long Range — the least expensive trim — offers an EPA-estimated 412 miles of range. While Edmunds has found in its own range testing that Tesla’s EPA numbers are typically a little too optimistic, this is still among the longest distances you’ll get from an EV. Access

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