The Used Car Market Will Crash

Photo credit: fotog/Gettyimages

Photo credit: fotog/Gettyimages

It’s quite likely that we’re currently experiencing the used vehicle market’s weirdest time ever. Carvana, CarMax, Vroom, Shift, and maybe a hundred dozen other companies are striving to commoditize used inventories and move shopping online. Meanwhile, new car production is down, dealer inventories of all sorts are negligible, and demand has been goosed by COVID stimulus payouts that make tidy down payments. High-mileage husks have moved from the remainder bins of the buy-here/pay-here margins over to the front lines of fancy factory-backed dealerships. Will the madness ever end?

Of course it will. When? And what will the crash look like?

A new report from the KPMG consulting firm strives to put the current insanity in context and predict how it will end. Or if it will end. And, one way or another, what the “new normal” may be. The report can be downloaded here.

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Does Photo Show an 1895 Car Crash Involving the Only 2 Cars in Ohio?

One common claim that is often circulated on social media holds that there was a car accident in 1895 that involved the only two cars in the entire state of Ohio. 

We’ve been unable to find any documentation showing that such a crash occurred and the above-displayed photograph certainly wasn’t taken in 1895. 

John Mohr, the Executive Director of the Society of Automotive Historians, told us that the cars in this picture were not available in 1895. Rather, these vehicles were likely manufactured decades later in the late 1920s or early 1930s.  

Mohr, a native of Ohio, told us that he had heard this rumor a number of times but that he had never seen any documentation to prove that this crash took place as described. The crash was possible, according to Mohr, as there were some privately owned automobiles in Ohio at the time, but as the state didn’t

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Southwark Police Automotive Crash

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‘Black box’ in Tiger Woods Genesis GV80 SUV could reveal crash details

If you own a car made this century, chances are it has a type of black-box recorder that documents what happened in the event of a collision.

The device, known in the automotive industry as an event data recorder, is what authorities could tap as they investigate the nature of Tiger Woods’ horrifying crash Tuesday.

Woods was driving a Genesis GV80 luxury SUV when he careened off the road in a rollover accident that resulted in serious leg injuries for the golf legend. The reasons behind the crash remain unknown, and Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said a traffic investigation could take days or weeks. 

Wednesday in a Facebook Live briefing, Villanueva said the department is not considering charges against Woods.

Was Tiger Woods’ SUV safe?:Genesis GV80 involved in car accident calls attention to brand

Victoria’s Secret store closings:Retailer to close up to 50 stores while

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