30 Best Car, Truck and Motorcycle Books for Kids

Cars, trucks and motorcycles captivate the attention of audiences young and old. Budding fans of the auto industry can enjoy the vehicles in a new, imaginative space thanks to the treasure trove of available books that feature a model.

Newsweek has put together a list of books for children of varying ages covering topics from how cars work to the wacky adventures cartoon cars can get into.

Best Car, Truck and Motorcycle Books for Children

Each book on the list teaches something whether it be about cars themselves, or general lessons that can be applied to life told through vehicles. When building this list we kept the adventurer that lives inside every budding enthusiast in mind.

In addition to car, truck and motorcycle books, tales of tractors, snow plows and construction equipment are also featured on this list.

There are books for all ages of children in this roundup.

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Best Parenting Books 2021

These fun, partaking activities and facilitated discussions information mother and father via wellness and self-care, vitamin, interconception health Parenting Goals, mindfulness and family dynamics. CenteringParenting acknowledges the significance of not only the baby’s well being but also the mom’s.

An understanding of past experiences, personal strengths and sources of knowledge that can assist you in making ready for the job of being a father or mother additionally is effective. Becoming a mother or father involves taking over a new position in life. You never may have performed the role of “parent” on the stage of life before.

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These are the coffee table books every car enthusiast will love

a car parked on the side of a building

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There are few things in life that are more pleasing to the eye than a well-designed car. For those who can’t afford a dream garage filled with these icons, however, a well-written coffee table book that’s also filled to the brim with stunning photography can be the perfect remedy to your mechanical and financial conundrum.

a car parked on the side of a building

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(Image: Thijs Demeulemeester/Lannoo Publishers)

More than a catalog for beautiful rides, these best coffee table books on cars offer insider information, previously unreleased images, and a different perspective on automotive legends around the world, whether it’s via world-class architecture or miniature die-cast toys.


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Good design has a part to play in our everyday lives, and perhaps the biggest influences around us (quite literally) are cars and buildings. Authored by Bert Voet and Thijs Demeulemeester, Carchitecture marries the two with stunning

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This Collection Of Rare Books Sold For The Price Of A New Car

Illustration for article titled This Collection Of Rare Automotive Books Just Sold For The Price Of A New Car

Photo: Bring a Trailer

It’s not every day that I find myself actually wanting to place a bid on an item that pops up on Bring A Trailer, but this past week, one of the finest auctions to ever hit the site was set to end, and I couldn’t resist myself. But as it turned out, this is BaT, so even a collection of 643 automotive and motorsport books can sell for a truly goofy amount of money.

Yep. This formidable library of books came straight from the shelves of John Lamm, an automotive journalist who spent nearly four decades developing a truly iconic career at Road & Track. Lamm died in October of 2020, leaving behind generations of automotive writers inspired by his work. And, on behalf of his estate, BaT was provided the opportunity to auction off his truly mind-blowing collection of books.

If you’ve followed

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