Someone Spotted A Pre-Release DARTZ Truck And What That Banner Says Is Pretty Hilarious


Photo: Anonymous Source

A reader wandering around a parking garage in China sent us some pictures of an exciting automotive unicorn: A new DARTZ truck, fully bonkers as is required of any fine DARTZ product, but this one has yet to be officially announced or shown. Even better, the pre-release truck is wearing a kicky yellow banner that has a stern and grimly comical message to, I expect, any number of other car-builders in China.

The beast is a DARTZ Prombon Black Alligator MMXX, the redesigned version of the Black Alligator that was released in 2017, which DARTZ gleefully told us would be the SUV that would “fuck Rolls-Royce big car before it will be born,” which is a pretty solid tagline for a car.

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Photo: Anonymous Source

The new version has a lot of new bodywork and, I’m told, an area on the

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This could be a banner year for electric cars

Signs point to 2021 being a big year for electric cars. Even though EV volume is a relatively small share of the overall market, the market is beginning to stir. Electrics account for about 2% of sales. But 2021 sees a major push by manufacturers to introduce new models. More EVs are likely to spark a sales surge.

Ralf Brandstätter, who heads global passenger cars for Volkswagen,
believes the inflection point may have happened last year. He said, “2020 was a turning point for Volkswagen and marked a breakthrough in electric mobility.” Worldwide deliveries of EVs at VW totaled more than 212,000 last year. “We are well on track to achieve our aim of becoming the market leader in battery electric vehicles,” Brandstätter said. “More than any other company, we stand for attractive and affordable e-mobility.”

Volkswagen’s serious push into the electric car market begins later this year

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