The Japanese Ads That Sold Chevy Cavaliers as Toyotas Felt Like The Simpsons Doing NSYNC

I can’t get the jazzy remixes of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ out of my head ever since Car Bibles writer Kevin Williams introduced me to the Japanese TV commercials that pitched Toyota Cavaliers as cool and exotic American cars.

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Frankly, I didn’t realize the Toyota Cavalier was a thing at all. Did Akio lose a bet or something? Anyway it was a pretty silly week over on The Drive‘s sister site but I’m eager to see what folks think about some of our more abstract automotive content, so don’t be shy in the comments section. Hah, as if I’d ever have to say that. Please enjoy this roundup of my favorite posts we published this week.

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Car Bibles is generally focused on DIY-related content, practical advice, cultural commentary, and automotive entertainment celebrating low- to medium-budget motoring. We’ve stepped up our schedule to

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18 great car print ads aimed at the U.S. market

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After we shared a story about great automotive print ads—written by our friends in the U.K. from their European perspective—we heard, uh, loud and clear from you readers that would should compile our own story that centered on car ads that prominently ran in America.

With input from members of our team, and numerous suggestions from you, here is our list of the greatest (most impactful? memorable? timeless?) car ads in American-market print. The vehicles aren’t all American in origin, but the list is weighted heavily on that side of the ledger. You’ll find no television commercials here (perhaps for another follow-up story?), and there are no Peugeots, Citroëns, Vauxhalls, or Skodas on the list, so you can put the pitchforks down. Finally, the ads are listed in no particular order. If we missed one of your favorites, let us know in the comments below—nicely,

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