Slant Nose Widebody Porsche 997 Is Absolutely Wicked

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This beastly beauty resides in Tokyo, Japan.

If you aren’t familiar with the automotive culture of Japan, you might be surprised to see a Porsche 911 roaming the busy streets of Tokyo. Even more shocking is the level of customization oftentimes poured into such cars. Even among Japanese automotive masterpieces, this slant nose, widebody Porsche 997 is really something else.

Slant Nose Widebody Porsche 997 Is Absolutely Wicked

Slant Nose Widebody Porsche 997 Is Absolutely Wicked

According to Ben Hartnett, the master behind the camera of the video below, this Porsche 911 is owned by Mun Luck, an enthusiast who lives in Gunma, Japan. The guy is involved in quite a few different car projects, including Tofugarage, a private members club in Germany with ties to Rocket Bunny.

This car wears an Old and New Japan Porsche 997 Slant Nose Conversion kit, something VAD Design out of England offers. Not only does it make the nose drop down suddenly like the slant nose 911s of old, the headlights are located low in the front fascia, completely transforming the look of the car.

The widebody treatment is a fairly common route to go with Porsche 911s in Japan and it’s easy to see why. That, combined with the fact it’s slammed within a hair’s breath of the ground, makes this Porsche look sleek and mean. Just don’t try to drive up or down any steep driveway skirts. Of course, this ride is bagged, so you can raise the different corners as needed.

You can see some other mods, like the roll cage, aftermarket wheels, and high-flow exhaust. It’s also a safe bet that the engine isn’t stock, but one never knows for sure.

All in all, this an extremely well-produced video. Maybe you don’t like the music, but it’s fitting for the car and Tokyo in general. The cinematography is excellent, helping to showcase just what’s so special about this custom Porsche 911.

What do you think of this ride? Does it float your boat or did someone ruin a perfectly good Porsche 997? Leave a comment below.

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