Pininfarina designs Eysing PF40 electric motorcycle

Pininfarina designs Eysing PF40 electric motorcycle

Legendary Italian design house Pininfarina lends its magic to the Eysing PF40 electric motorcycle (e-bike). Taking cues from 1930’s motorcycle design, the PF40 is an e-bike with a “retro-futuristic” twist.

Based on Ensign’s Pioneer e-bike model which is hand-built in Holland, the PF40 features an analogue tachometer and round, cowled headlight, reports The design of the P40 itself is severely minimalist, featuring a rear-wheel hub-mounted motor.

Terming the PF40 an “electric moped”, which in Europe means a top speed limited to 45 km/h and no requirement for a “full” motorcycle licence, the intended use if for short journeys in and around urban areas. The hub motor is rated at 1.5 kW and there are two versions available – limited to 25 km/h and 50 km/h.

Suspension is done in front with sprung rider forks in the old school style, while the rear end is rigid. Braking uses mechanical drum brakes front and rear, and alloy wheels with ribbed pattern old style tyres fitted.

Configured from the outset as a single-seater, the PF40 weighs 60 kg, while no details were provided about battery capacity, range or charging time. Pre-orders are being taken for the Eysing PF40 in its website with the placement of a 1,000 euro booking fee. The listed price is 13,780 euro (RM64,128).

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