[PIC] Nobody Noticed The Corvette E-Ray’s Brake Caliper Options…But We Did!

[PIC] Nobody Noticed The Corvette E-Ray's Brake Caliper Options...But We Did!

During the magical moment when the E-Ray’s visualizer was accessible, the word went out. Several of us tried to document every option available during that window of opportunity. And, of course, it’s our friend Rick Conti who ended up with an “exclusive” on the E-Ray’s brake calipers color options.

The two screenshots that are being circulated on the automotive blogs with this story is the Riptide Blue E-Ray captured by CorvetteBlogger and the other being the Cacti Green E-Ray from Smurf C8 at the MidEngineCorvetteForum.com. Both of our screenshots of the Performance/Wheels tabs show only the ZER package, Wheel Options, and Wheel Center Caps.

Conti’s screenshot from the Visualizer shows all those options plus the five Brake Caliper color options. It appears that the Dark Gray Metallic calipers will be the default option, with Red, Edge Red, Orange, and Yellow available. The Orange has an asterisk, and we think that option will be like the Z06 with Orange only available on E-Rays equipped with the ZER package. That’s pure speculation on our part but seems par for the course on the Corvette’s menu of options.

[PIC] Nobody Noticed The Corvette E-Ray's Brake Caliper Options...But We Did!

With E-RAY’s logo emphasizing the Blue “E” in the E-Ray badging, we think color-matched Blue calipers would be very appropriate for the car. Make those the exclusive color for the ZER package. I could see GM saving that for the ZR1 or the ZORA model as an exclusive, but we like the idea of Corvettes with the Ultium drive units also having Blue calipers. Of course, you can always take them off and paint them yourselves.




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