Our 2018 Jeep Wrangler Hit 80K Miles and It’s Been a Bumpy Ride

We just won’t be able to carry ourselves to part approaches with our 2018 Jeep Wrangler. It has turn out to be a useful help car or truck on our online video shoots, specially when issues get dusty, soiled, grimy … you get the plan. That is why it truly is one particular of the unusual autos in our long-term fleet to get a complete heap of miles place on it. We commonly operate our extensive-termers for about 20,000 miles, but we just hit a whopping 80,000 in the Jeep, a lot more than 30,000 of which have come considering that we formally wrapped up its long-term take a look at.

But the Wrangler all of a sudden went from mogwai to gremlin a tiny extra than a calendar year in the past and has been plagued with troubles since. Most of its difficulties have been electrical, including the alternator and the computerized start off-quit program. The continual ferrying of the Wrangler to and from dealerships and services centers has left us a very little exhausted, but most likely that’s just component of possessing an exotic animal. Continue to, this the latest expertise with mounting expenses and possession head aches seemed to warrant a recap.

Auto stop-commence technique can not stay nutritious

This love-it-or-despise-it element won’t be able to appear to be to remain off the hurt checklist. We initially picked up an mistake code for it past Oct. The aspect was disabled but the truck drove high-quality, proper up until eventually it failed to. The Wrangler’s battery died, demanding a tow to a dealership in Alhambra, California. It appears a lousy sensor led to the Jeep draining each the battery that powers the cease-begin method and the major battery.

We replaced each batteries and the faulty sensor, which price tag us a great $1,314.14. Sadly, that was not the conclusion of this concern. A virtually similar difficulty transpired just 7 months later on, necessitating us to change both equally batteries still once again. This repair service came with added labor since of contaminated gasoline observed in our gas pump. We weren’t in a position to get a straight reply on how the gas grew to become contaminated, what it was contaminated with, or why an electrical dilemma induced them to investigate the fuel tank. We compensated what was because of, $1,741.95, and did not return to this location.

So, we put in much more than $3,000 in 12 months in no small section many thanks to a characteristic numerous of us wish we could throw into the Pacific Ocean in any case. We encountered 1 extra challenge with this function, but fortunately without the need of the wallet-busting cost. In July, the Wrangler would not restart soon after participating vehicle halt-start so we took it into a Santa Monica seller. The folks there found a entirely disconnected electricity cable, possibly since a previous vendor had unsuccessful to reconnect a floor cable. That restore was handled for free of charge.

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