Man Slammed for Telling Girlfriend to Sell Car Gifted by Her Ex-Boyfriend


Commenters in a popular internet forum criticized a man after his girlfriend revealed he asked her to sell her car that was a gift from her ex-boyfriend.

The anonymous woman, known only as u/Ornery_Risk1568, posted about the situation in Reddit’s popular r/AmITheA**hole subreddit where it received more than 6,200 upvotes and 900 comments, many from users saying her boyfriend was showing red flags and being overly controlling.

In an article written for VeryWellMind, writer Sheri Stritof explained that although jealousy is common within relationships, unhealthy levels can ultimately ruin them or lead to narcissistic tendencies and an imbalance of power.

Irrational jealousy, which is overwhelming and intense, often poses a warning sign for a potentially abusive relationship.

Man tells girlfriend to sell car
A woman went viral after revealing her boyfriend told her to sell her car after finding out it was a gift from her ex-boyfriend.
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Often when individuals are facing irrational jealousy, they attempt to control their partner in order to alleviate their feelings.

In the post titled “AITA for refusing to sell my car and embarrassing my boyfriend in front of his dad?” as the woman explained that she and her boyfriend have been together for three months.

She said that before getting together, she was dating a man who was very wealthy and often gave her gifts, including a car paid off in her name.

“We broke up right at the beginning of the pandemic and I met my current boyfriend ten months ago and we’ve been official for three months now,” the post read.

The woman said that she never told her boyfriend how she got her car because it never came up in conversation.

In the post, the woman explained that she was at her boyfriend’s apartment when his dad—who is a mechanic—came by to drop something off. While there, he complimented her car, saying it was the “best in the parking lot” and that he liked the rims and paint color, not knowing it was her car.

“We laughed about it and his dad was asking me a ton of questions about it and how much I pay a month and I told him it’s paid off and a gift,” the post read. “My boyfriend was surprised and said he assumed I was paying it off and asked by who and I said my ex.”

She said it felt awkward afterward because no one said anything until her boyfriend’s dad started talking about how nice of a gift it was. The conversation then turned to her boyfriend’s dad asking to take the car for a spin through the parking lot, to which she agreed.

Once his dad was gone, the boyfriend began telling her he couldn’t believe she never told him and that she “embarrassed” him in front of his dad. He then told her that she needs to sell the car because it doesn’t “fit her lifestyle” and that he always thought the car was a “dumb decision” and not a “romantic gift.”

She replied that the car was not in any way romantic and that “it meant nothing” to her ex, which got her boyfriend even more upset.

“His dad came back and gave me my keys and left and then my boyfriend asked me to leave too even though we had plans to go out,” the post concluded. “He’s been distant since. Did I really embarrass him and AITA?”

More than 900 users commented on the post, with many calling out her boyfriend of only three months for being controlling and “insecure.”

“NTA and imo that’s a red flag from your current BF. Telling you that you NEED to sell it, bruh,” one user commented, receiving more than 11,500 upvotes.

“This strikes me as a controlling behavior. If he is going to try to dictate something like this to you, you may want to rethink the relationship,” another wrote.

“Your new boyfriend of three months is trying to dictate how you should live your life after you left, what appeared to be, a good four-year relationship despite it not working out,” one user commented.

“The honeymoon period is officially over, sorry. He just showed you exactly who he is. Keep your lovely car.”

“The BF’s jealousy and insecurities are showing,” another user wrote.

Newsweek reached out to u/Ornery_Risk1568 for comment.

Other users have recently gone viral after publicly coming forward about jealous significant others.

Newsweek reported about a man who texted a stranger asking why he Venmoed his fiancée more than two years prior.

Another man was criticized online after he called his wife “selfish” for spending too much time with her family and dad battling cancer.


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