Lyft driver kicks a woman out of his car after she asks him if he’s ‘a normal guy’ who ‘speaks English’


  • A viral video shows a Lyft driver kicking a woman out of his car for making racist remarks.

  • The woman entered his car and asked him if he’s a “normal guy,” a “white guy” who speaks English.

  • “Nah, you can get out of the car,” driver James W. Bode told her.

A Lyft driver on Friday kicked out a woman who entered his car and started making racist remarks, a video that went viral on social media shows.

The Lyft driver, who identified himself as James W. Bode, posted the video taken from his dashcam on Facebook.

The video, timestamped 10:37 p.m. on Friday night, shows a woman entering Bode’s car, with a man following behind her.


“You’re like a white guy,” she says when she enters.

“What’s that?” he asks her.

“You’re like a white guy?” she says. “You’re like a normal guy, like you speak English?”

Bode then can be seen turning around to face her in the video. “Nah, you can get out of the car,” he tells her.

“What?” she asks.

“That’s inappropriate,” Bode says. “That’s completely inappropriate. If somebody was not white sitting in this seat, what would be the difference?”

“Are you serious?” says the woman, whom Bode identified on Facebook as “Jackie.”

Bode then appears to recount the exchange to the man entering the car, repeating again that he’s not going to take the ride.

The man calls him a “fucking asshole” and threatens him, saying he should “punch” him “in the fucking face.”

As the woman exits Bode’s car, the man can be heard using a racial slur and telling him to “get the fuck out of here.’

Bode then looks out the window at them and says he’s going to call the police and tell them of the exchange.

“You guys are racist fucks,” he tells them.

On Facebook, Bode wrote that he had been picking up the couple for a ride outside Fossils Last Stand, a pub and grill in Catasauqua, Pennsylvania. Bode said he filed a police report against the couple “because of the assault threat.”

“If you make me feel uncomfortable, I will absolutely do the same especially in my car or property,” he wrote on Facebook.

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