How Will Tire Size Affect my ATV Performance?

How Will Tire Size Affect my ATV Performance?

Tires are crucial components of your ATV, and your vehicle can’t be complete without them. However, your tire size will affect your vehicle’s operations and performance. The changes might be small but matter a lot. For instance, acceleration, fuel consumption, quality ride, and transmission shifting are all determined by your tire size. However, tire size has its negative and positive effects. Let’s look at how tire size affects ATV performance.

  1. Speed

The width of your Pureoffroad ATV Tires does not affect the vehicle’s speed. But the height of the tire is the one that matters. If you have a small tire, it has to rotate more rounds than big tires. Therefore the more extensive the tire, the faster the ATV can propel. Although larger tires can minimize your acceleration at some point, they can increase your vehicle’s inertia, raising the vehicle’s total mass.

  1. Handling and Traction 

Small-sized tires provide you with better handling. Their sidewalls have lower mass, are less flexible, and are exceptionally aerodynamic. On the other hand, bigger tires with larger diameters provide a smoother ride. They are much more flexible and absorb maximum impacts. Moreover, you quickly identify rough roads and minor bumps, resulting in a comfortable ride.

  1. Efficiency

Taller tires cover more surfaces, but this does increase your ATV RPM. The only benefit of covering more surfaces is making more miles for each gallon. Since the engine consumes fuel according to acceleration, big tires lead to high fuel consumption. The reason is that they need excellent energy exertion. For small tires, your engine saves fuel. Besides, they don’t require much energy exertion to accelerate.

  1. Increased grip

A larger contact patch provides you with more grip. A wider tread means a more fantastic grip. You’ll appreciate this grip if you’re a fast driver, for it allows you to accelerate or brake more quickly and carry more speed into curves. However, the increased grip means more power is expected.

What features to consider when choosing ATV tires?

You can think just you entered a tires showroom and found various tires choosing the best is easy. But this is not the case. You have to consider multiple aspects to select a perfect tire. These include?

  • Tire profile

Most ATV riders are unconcerned about whether their tires are circular or flat. You should address the tire shape if you want the optimal performance tire for your riding style. If you drive in soft terrain, go for a circular one, and If it’s rough terrain, then flat ones are vital.

  • Tire construction

ATV tires are typically either bias-ply or radial in construction. Both builds have their benefits and drawbacks, and picking between them is a matter of personal taste and riding style.

  • Ply Rating

The ply rating is usually the total pile number united to make the tire. Since various firms are manufacturing the tires, it’s ideal you purchase tires from companies that have tires with a high ply rating.

Final thoughts 

All vehicles need tires that are in good condition and fit for acceleration. Your ATV tires will have both positive and negative effects when riding. Therefore choose the right size to ensure smooth and safe rides.

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