How to Properly Maintain Your Car’s Electrical System

How to Charge a Car Battery

Almost all modern vehicles consist of an electrical system. A service like Car Smart can help you maintain and repair your car’s electrical system and its components. 

The electrical system of a modern car is not only used to power the car’s ignition, but it is also used for other functions such as steering, GPS, air conditioning door locks, and window function, among others.

The more features your car has, the more the electrical system enables you to use those features. The main components of a car’s electrical system are the battery, starter, and alternator.

Every system in your car requires regular maintenance. The following are tips you can use to maintain your car’s electrical system properly:

Replace Your Car Battery

Your car battery is what provides the electrical current to power the vehicle’s electrical system. If your car does not start, it is often a problem with the power source, meaning your battery.

If you want your car’s electrical system to function optimally, you should replace it as often as you can. Most professional’s advice is those car owners should replace their car batteries every four or five years.

However, it would help if you had the battery tested by a mechanic at least once every year to know its condition. If a battery is in good condition, one of the most crucial parts of the electrical system will function optimally.

Regularly Inspect the Drive Belt

A drive belt is a continuous belt that moves many rotational parts of your engine. One of those parts is the alternator, a vital component of the car’s electrical system.

It would be best if you opened your car’s hood and diligently checked the belt drive for issues at least once a month. Some of the problems to check for include cracks, tears, and glazing on the belt.

You should also check the tension of the belt. The belt should be tight and not sag if it is to function optimally. 

If you are unable to inspect the drive belt yourself, you should take it to a professional. The mechanic will conduct a check on at least twenty points on the belt.

Inspect Your Car Battery and Electrical Cables Regularly

A car’s battery corrodes substantially after repeated use mainly on the battery’s posts. The same goes for the cables attaching the battery to the engine.

The corrosion could significantly reduce the efficiency of your car’s electrical system. You need to regularly inspect and clean both the battery nodes and cables to ensure they work fine. At least once a month should be ideal. 

You can either use a mixture of baking soda and water or a corrosion removal fluid to clean the battery and cables. You should also use a water brush to scrub the corrosion off the battery post and cables. 

Rinse both with water after you are done and leave them to dry. Attach the battery and cables to the engine after you are done.

If you can do the above, your car’s electrical system should work fine. If you cannot do it yourself, you should ask for your mechanic’s help in maintaining the electrical system.