How To Make Sure Your Vehicle Remains Five-Star | FunRover

How To Make Sure Your Vehicle Remains Five-Star | FunRover

If your vehicle is your pride and joy, you will want to make sure that it looks great at all times. There are a number of different ways that this can be achieved, which is what we are going to discuss in more detail below so you can get a better understanding.

Treat yourself to a personalised number plate

There is only one place to begin, and this is by treating yourself to a personalised number plate. Personalised number plates make your vehicle your own, adding a touch of personality and swagger to your car.

You can spend some time looking online for DVLA number plates that are available for purchase. Do be mindful that there are a few rules and regulations in place that you are going to need to adhere to. For example, you need to make sure that the number plate you choose cannot be viewed as offensive in any way.

A lot of people have a tendency to assume that private number plates are going to cost the world but this is not the case. It all depends on the number plate that you choose. Some are incredibly cheap. It is all about the demand for the precise number plate that you are interested in.

Keep your vehicle clean between the details

Of course, we would all love to get our car professionally cleaned on a daily basis, but for most of us, this is simply not feasible. This is why it is essential to learn a little more about auto detailing at home so that you can keep your car in perfect condition.

This will ensure that you get rid of any light debris and dirt in between all of the professional cleans that you have on your vehicle. With that in mind, continue reading to find some useful tips that will help you keep on top of your vehicle’s appearance.

Purchase a quick detailer spray

The first thing you should do is invest in a quick detailer spray, which will help you clean very light dust. If you have a black car, then this is something that you will definitely need to add to your collection!

A detailer is a very thin type of liquid that you can apply to your car to protect the plastic and paint while you wipe your vehicle down. A lot of the products on the market today will also provide some protection and a gloss finish.

To apply the detailer spray, we would always recommend parking your car in the shade so that the paint is as cool as possible. You can then use the detailer spray and wipe it onto your vehicle with a high-quality microfiber towel.

You only need to mist the product very gently and wipe it in straight lines without a lot of pressure so that you do not scratch your vehicle. You can then use the clean side of the towel for every wipe to preserve the existing shine. You will need plenty of towels to give your car a perfect finish. Simply wash them after use.

You can use this spray on the plastic and glass parts of your vehicle as well. We must stress how important it is to use a microfiber towel. This will keep the dust away from the paint, whereas other towels will simply push the dirt around and cause little scratches to your vehicle.

Waterless cleaning products

When you are cleaning your car in between professional details, you can carry out a light clean without water or use just a little bit of water. If you decide to go down the waterless root, you will use a super slick liquid and will leave beautiful results.

Most people decide to go for a washing wax in this case. These sorts of products will encapsulate the dirt particles and ensure that they are kept away from your paint. They can be used to remove considerable amounts of dirt safely, but they should not be used on filthy vehicles.

When you carry out this sort of clean, again, parking your car in the shade is recommended. Remember that you shouldn’t scrub your vehicle, as this can cause the shine to fade. You can use a clean microfiber towel to buff off any of the residue once you have finished applying the wax.

Cleaning your car from top to bottom

If you need to give your car a full clean, as you are unable to get your car washed professionally for quite some time, you can take several different steps to make sure that your car looks beautiful from top to bottom.

As mentioned, always begin by parking your car in a spot away from direct sunlight so that it can cool down. You should then prepare a bucket of water and add soap into it for the wheels of your vehicle. Use a wheel cleaner spray to spray the wheels and then wash them using a wheel mitt and a wheel brush. You can then power wash the wheels clean to get rid of all of the soapy residue.

Many people also like to power wash their entire car, especially any dirty parts near the bottom. This is fine, but you do need to be mindful that you do not apply too much water pressure to your vehicle, as this can cause damage. 

You can foam cannon the entire car and leave it to soak. After this, washed the soap off and repeat the process again if required.

You should then prepare buckets of water. One should be clean water, and the other should include soap. Use a microfiber mitt to lightly wash the car in straight lines. Don’t use a scrub. Use the clean water bucket to rinse your mitt regularly. You can then power wash the car clean again and dry it with a cold blower or pat dry with microfiber towels. After this, apply sealant and tire dressing.

Keep up with your car’s servicing schedule

A lot of people begrudge getting their car serviced because they view it as money that they do not want to spend. While we understand this, it is important to recognise that getting your car serviced can actually save you a lot of money in the long run.

If you do not get your car serviced, you are only going to take it to the garage when there is a problem. If you do this, it may already be too late and you may have a massive bill on your hands.

However, if you take your car to be serviced regularly, you can be sure that it will run as efficiently as possible. Plus, if there are any issues, they can be rectified before they turn into more comprehensive and complicated problems.

The key is to find a garage that you can trust; somewhere you know they will be honest with you and give you their truthful opinion on any changes that need to be made to your vehicle to ensure that it operates properly.

Final words on making sure your vehicle remains five-star

So there you have it: everything you need to know about making sure that your vehicle looks amazing and remains five-star. It does not matter what type of vehicle you own, you want to make sure that it looks it’s very best and is a true pleasure to drive. If you follow the tips and advice that we have provided above, you can make sure that this is the case.

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