Honda cars will get Google’s Android Automotive OS by 2022

Google just announced some big changes to Android Auto and their car OS, adding lots of new features and new car compatibility.

For the first time ever, Google is partnering with Honda to give their cars Android Automotive OS, a built-in operating system. The OS was first debuted in a car just last year with the Polestar 2, under Volvo’s Polestar electric performance brand. Since then, companies such as Renault, General Motors, and Ford have taken interest and said that cars with the OS will be launching soon.

Other than the Honda 2022 cars, you can expect the Chevy Silverado and the Renault Mégane E-Tech to run on Android Automotive OS as well.

New Android Auto updates

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If you don’t want to wait until next year to use Google’s software in your car, you can still use Android Auto. In fact, they just announced some new features that you can expect soon, including new app integrations and voice commands.

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Connecting your phone to the car’s system has never been the easiest thing to do, but Google plans to change that by introducing the simple phrase “Hey Google, let’s drive.” By saying that, your phone will automatically connect to the car automatically without the need to do anything else. Since they want to discontinue the Android Auto app, this phrase seems to be a good way to integrate Google Assistant into the auto software landscape.

The Auto UI has also gotten a few new app integrations including Audible, SoundCloud, and YouTube Music. They also plan to allow you to respond to texts just from speaking, but only in English-speaking markets over the coming weeks.

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If you get bored in the car often, then you’re in luck because Android Auto is partnering with GameSnacks to add a few games to Android Auto in-car displays. Don’t worry, you have to be parked to play them.

Saving the coolest feature for last, the phrase “Hey Google, pay for gas” actually makes a payment for you automatically. All you have to do is actually get up and pump the gas, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless. Exxon and Mobil gas stations are currently the only ones to support the feature soon, but Shell, Conoco, Phillips 66 and 76 stations plan to adopt it in the future.