Gunman hangs out of moving car, shoots at Detroit Police cruiser


Detroit — Police are looking for a gunman who was captured on video Saturday hanging out of a speeding car’s passenger-side window, leveling a pistol at a pursuing Detroit Police Department cruiser and firing eight shots.

During a press conference at Detroit Public Safety Headquarters Monday, Detroit Police Chief James White said the 4 a.m. incident on Detroit’s west side is an example of how drag racers and “drifters” are becoming more violent.

The chase on eastbound Davison near Dexter ended when one of the gunman’s bullets struck the squad car’s engine block, White said. Another bullet pinged off the squad car’s roof a few inches from the driver’s head, the chief said.

Detroit police are looking for this man after investigators say someone opened fire on a Detroit Police cruiser from a vehicle that was being pursued on Saturday, May 21, 2022.

“We could be planning a funeral right now,” he said.

Investigators are looking for up to four people who were in the vehicle, White said. Police released photos of two of the people, who were called “persons of interest” in the case.

The incident started when a Detroit police drag racing detail spotted a man hanging out of the car’s window, Assistant Police Chief Charles Fitzgerald said.


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