Fayette County Commission planning to meet May 4 | Local News


The Fayette County Commission meets May 4 beginning at 9 a.m.

The agenda inclues:

Pledge of Allegiance

Exonerations, Orders to Combine or Divide Land, Refunds – Eddie Young

Approve 2nd Half May Payroll

Approve Vouchers and Invoices

Approve Prior Meeting Minutes

Approve Estate Settlements


Ruth Lanier – Exhibit A

Discussion & Decision: SWA Board Appointments

Public Hearing: Ashley Vaughn Rezoning Request to Change from R-R to B-3

Mike Callaghan, Special Prosecutor Re: Legal Advice & Update

Discussion & Decision: 911 Center Reorganization

Discussion & Decision: Letter responding to Mount Hope Fire Department Letter

Sheriff Mike Fridley: Tax Office Publication List for Approval

Exhibit A

Discussion & Decision: White Oak PSD Funding Request

Discussion & Decision: Friends of Coal Auto Fair Funding Request

Discussion & Decision: Riverside High School Funding Request

Discussion & Decision: Natural Flood Insurance Acknowledgement of Receipt from FEMA for Fayette County Commission Owned Properties at 461 Laurel Creek Cut Off, 469 Laurel Creek Cut Off and 547 Shelter Rd.

Discussion & Decision Approval to Submit DOH Transportation Alternatives for Fayette County Park Trail Infrastructure

Discussion & Decision: Request from Fayette County Parks & Recreation Authority Board for Marion Tanner, Diane Callison & Katie Johnson, Terms to Expire June 30, 2022.

Discussion & Decision: Request from Fayette County Health Department for Updates Harm Reduction Support Letter

Discussion & Decision: Response to Letter from WV Legislative Auditor’s Office request for Fayette County Wrecker Rotation Information

Discussion & Decision: Proclamation Objecting to Appalachian Power’s Request Rate Increase


Zoom Video


Call In: 646-558-8656

Meeting ID: 304-574-1200


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