Experts call for road construction rethink following .8 billion flood bill

Experts call for road construction rethink following $3.8 billion flood bill

After billions of dollars of damage was done to Australia’s roads due to the recent record flood events, road construction experts are exploring how best to rebuild.

In the wake of the extensive flood damage across Australia, industry experts are recommending a major overhaul to the way we build our roads.

The Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) has joined with the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) to call for an “urgent rethink of road construction, maintenance, and funding”.

Representing 537 councils, the council body estimates the total flood damage in recent months to cost taxpayers approximately $3.8 billion.

“Moisture is kryptonite for roads, and inevitably leads to potholes,” ARRB Chief Executive Officer Michael Caltabiano said in a media statement.

“This year’s floods and torrential rains have caused large-scale catastrophic damage to the road systems that connect communities and deliver freight. Now is the time to reassess what innovations are possible to prevent a repeat of this infrastructure emergency,” he said.

“Australia houses some of the smartest road technology in the world and the latest ARRB research shows many recyclables – including tyre rubber – are not only eco-friendly but create a more durable and resilient road surfaces,” Mr Caltabiano said.

ALGA President, Councillor Linda Scott, says the current issues present an opportunity for Australian road construction to increase the amount of recycled materials.

“Considering the ongoing impacts of climate change, we can’t simply rebuild our local infrastructure – including roads, footpaths and cycleways – to current standards, we need a fundamental shift in the way we fund, deliver and maintain these assets,” Cr Scott said.

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