Do You Miss The V8 Power And Rear-Wheel Drive Of The 1985 Buick Lesabre

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The LeSabre served as Buick;s entry level full-size car starting in 1959. Despite being one of its most consistently best-selling cars, 1977 marked a downward spiral for the model.

First downsized in 1977, the Buick LeSabre started off as an affordable representation of what the brand had to offer the full-size automotive market. This change came in the form of a smaller, lighter vehicle with smaller standard engine options. Still, the LeSabre remained a comfortable and popular Buick offering that would remain that way through a series of more changes taking place over the next decade.

1986 marked the biggest set of changes to the model, moving it further from its beginnings as a body-on-frame, rear-wheel-drive, full-size car. From that point forward, the LaSabre, now made with a unibody construction, featured a transverse mounted V6 engine and front-wheel-drive.

While some applauded the change up from gas-guzzler boat to fuel efficient trail-blazer, others couldn’t help but miss the good old days of V8 power and rear-wheel-drive. This collector’s edition 1985 Buick LeSabre being offered at the upcoming Raleigh Classic Car Auction is a prime example of why. Main features include a body-on-frame construction, a V8 engine, and an all-coil spring suspension. It is in like-new condition and only has 10,175 actual miles on the clock. It is finished in black with a black padded roof and accented with an appropriate amount of chrome features including iconic chrome wire-wheels. Inside, a plush upholstery offers plenty of comfort and wood grain accents a touch of class. Don’t miss out on this incredible chance to own one of the last of the V8 powered LeSabres. For more information on this listing, see it here.

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