Car sales in Pakistan surge by 45 per cent year-on-year in October

The car sales in Pakistan posted a growth of 45 per cent year-on-year in October, as 17,413 units were sold this year compared to 11,997 units sold during October last year, revealed the data shared by the Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (Pama).

However, the data shows that the October sales declined by 8.2 per cent month-on-month when compared with the 18,971 units sold in September 2021.

Meanwhile, the car sales in the first four months of FY21-22 (July-October) were recorded at 74,952 units, up by 71 per cent to 43,865 units in the same period last year.

During this period, around 8,619 units of 1300cc and above cars were sold, an increase of 34.46 per cent compared to sales of 6,410 units in the same period last year. This year’s October figure included 2,651 units of Honda Civic and City, 23 units of Suzuki Swift, 3,341 units of Toyota Corolla, 2,037 units of Toyota Yaris, 312 units of Hyundai Elantra, and 255 units of Hyundai Sonata.


Meanwhile, the 1000cc engine car sales in October were recorded at 2,631 units, up from 2,014 units in the same month last year.

However, October sales remained 44.42 per cent lower compared to the September sales of 4,734 units. Cars having engines below 1000cc recorded sales at 6,163 units from 3,573 units sold during the same period last year. Similarly, buses and trucks saw an increase to 484 units in October 2021 from 366 units in October 2020. Jeep sales increased to 1,229 units from 822 units sold during the same period last year.

On the other hand, the sales of pick-ups increased to 2,360 units from 1,263 units during the same period last year. Tractor sales surged to 5,361 units from 4,516 units, rickshaws and motorbike sales increased to 177,329 units during October 2021 against 176,082 units sold during the same period last year, despite awaited results for Sazgar three wheeler.