BMW 116d, A Smart Choice for Those Who Seek Quality with Economic Engine


Baby BMW is So Much Fun to Drive and Practical

BMW 116d is the entry-level model in the BMW line-up. 1 Series has enjoyed huge commercial success as it is the second most successful vehicle made by BMW only to be beaten by the 3 series.

20 per cent of all BMW sales comes from the sales of this vehicle. while the first two generations of this vehicle were rear-wheel drive and were well received by BMW enthusiasts, the third generation took a 180-degree turn and made the one series a front-wheel drive vehicle.

This may have upset many enthusiasts but overall, it brought many improvements chief among which was a shorter bonnet due to a different engine placement for front-wheel drive vehicles, a spacious cabin due to the absence of a drive shaft and a more stable ride. Surprisingly, 1 Series drives better and is more concise than the one that it proceeded.

Sublime Engine

BMW has provided a very balanced power unit to the 116d that is proportionate to the size and requirements of a hatchback. It is not only good enough to for the short journey but you have plenty of torque to support the cruising on the motorway as well.

BMW 116d uses a twin power turbo intercooler engine that churns out 116 hp between 2250-4000 rpm and 270 Nm of torque between 1750-4000 rpm. The focus of this engine is not on speed so it takes 9.6 seconds to accelerate from 0-60 mph. top speed of this vehicle is 125 mph. it returns the average of 26 km/l. If you are looking for a reconditioned or used BMW 116D engine, it is quite easy to find.

How Does it Looks Like?

BMW always has been polarizing automotive fans when it comes to its looks. Its kidney grill at the front is growing in size and is a bit too much for some people to digest. However, those who like its design language love it. A shortened engine bay ensures that the peculiar-looking long bonnet looks normal again. The front and rear lights are contemporary and do not look out of place. Depending on the trim and variant you get lots of aerodynamic additions to the body. The lines on the body are scarce and look elegant enough. The reclining roofline looks beautiful with a solid design for the boot.

Premium Feeling Interior

BMW have over the years, invested in the interior controls and layout design that is fundamentally similar in all of their products with difference in quality and advancement according to the trim and model. Advantage of doing this is that a regular BMW user instantly feels comfortable as soon as they sit in the cabin. It’s the same story here. A familiar lay out and quality materials are what makes you feel comfortable in the vehicle. every component is rock solid and well placed and there are plenty of gadgets to keep you entertained.

There is a lot more space available since the vehicle has adopted front wheel drive system. it can be felt more in the rear seat as they get plenty of extra head and log room. Boot space is good enough to accommodate all your luggage and there is some space available under floor as well. There is plenty of technology going around such as start stop, climate control, adaptive suspension and a 10-inch screen. We can safely say that the cabin is a comfortable place to be in.

Handling on the Tarmac

BMW engineering is always faultless when it comes to suspension and handling. It is well insulated and the cabin has no external noises coming in. the wind noise and road noise are blocked out with brilliant engineering. Independent suspension makes handling a pure joy. A common perception was that shifting the drive train from rear to front would seriously impact the handling. However, it is a pleasant surprise that the handling of this car has improved significantly thanks to some clever traction control and computer assisted suspension. It can deal with corners and pot holes with complete ease.

Final Verdict

BMW introduced 1 series to accommodate the people who were looking for an economical vehicle while enjoying the badge value as well. Fortunately, 1 Series delivered the goods and became one of the best-selling models. You get all the usual BMW perks while keeping the overheads low. It is one of the BMW models that retains its value very well and is a safe buy.

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