Best Women’s Sunglasses 2022


When it comes to the best women’s sunglasses, there are a few simple things to keep in mind. Most people go for a silhouette that balances their features, so you may want to consider your face shape to start. For example, angular frames tend to look great on round faces, so you may want to check out the measurements on your favorite pair of sunglasses (often printed on the arm) to get an idea of the size you are looking for.

Color is another factor to consider. Unless you want a fashion option like bright red or optic white, look for something that complements your skin tone or hair color or even the clothing you wear. For example, if you’re going the metal route, consider what jewelry you wear most frequently and how the frames will fit in with your daily look.

Now for the most important factor: sun protection. Generally speaking, a larger lens is going to offer more protection than a smaller one. Not all lenses offer 100% UVA and UVB protection, so be sure to double-check the lens details if you want to be assured of that—and stick with polarized options.

To help you find the best women’s sunglasses to carry you through the spring and summer seasons, check out our favorite brands and styles below.

  • Best Classic Women’s Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
  • Best Sporty Women’s Sunglasses For Running: Goodr
  • Best Stylish Women’s Sunglasses At Affordable Prices: Le Specs
  • Best Luxury Women’s Sunglasses That Will Last: Oliver Peoples
  • Best Women’s Sunglasses For Customized Choices: Warby Parker
  • Best Women’s Sunglasses For All Face Shapes: Raen
  • Best Statement-Making Women’s Sunglasses: Tol

Best Classic Women’s Sunglasses

Ray-Ban: Timeless pairs that never go out of style

Ray-Ban began in the 1930s as a sunglasses brand supplied to US Air Force fighter pilots to shield their eyes from the sun. Specifically, the crystal lenses helped minimize the glare at high altitudes. Today, the company is best known for their iconic Aviator and Wayfarer styles, worn by everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Robert Redford. With their curved edges, these designs tend to flatter most face shapes—which explains their enduring popularity.

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Best Sporty Women’s Sunglasses For Running

Goodr: No slip or bounce polarized sunglasses

Goodr makes sport sunglasses that don’t look like the obvious wrap-around types your parents wore in the ‘80s. Instead, Goodr’s come in a variety of modern styles for different activities (running, cycling, golf), all with a special grip coating to eliminate slippage when sweating and polarized lenses to fully block UVA and UVB rays.

Best Stylish Women’s Sunglasses At Affordable Prices

Le Specs: A celebrity favorite that won’t break the bank

Originally founded in 1979 and relaunched in 2006, Le Specs channels a cool French vibe but is actually Australian. The styles puts a modern spin on traditional shapes—such as round, cat-eye and aviator—and are made from lightweight acetate, fitted with shatterproof, scratch-resistant lenses. Beyoncé and Gigi Hadid are fans of the chic sunglasses, which are also refreshingly affordable—most pairs cost less than $100.

Best Luxury Women’s Sunglasses That Will Last

Oliver Peoples: Handmade Italian fames

Los-Angeles-based Oliver Peoples was launched in 1987, with styles inspired by a collection of vintage American-made eyewear the co-founders purchased at an estate sale. Ever since, Oliver Peoples has focused on timeless designs, meticulously made by hand with quality materials, including acetate in their signature natural tortoise shell tones. Each frame is tumbled and polished, then individually adjusted to ensure a perfect fit that won’t bend or stretch out over time.

Best Women’s Sunglasses For Customized Choices

Warby Parker: Great variety of styles, including prescription pairs

If you’re a fan of Warby Parker eyewear, the New York-brand’s sunglasses are equally well-made, stylish, easy to shop and customizable with prescription lenses. You can try on up to five pairs at home for free, which is helpful since you’ll likely be torn between a few different options, given the wide variety. You can filter the selection by frame width, shape, color, material and even nose bridge (standard or low bridge fit).

Best Women’s Sunglasses For All Face Shapes

Raen: Virtual try-ons and helpful filtering tools

Based in Oceanside, California, Raen takes inspiration from California surf culture and urban streetstyle when creating their collections, which includes pairs made in collaboration with pro surfer Alex Knost. Every frame is put through a rigorous review and re-review process to fine tune the fit, comfort and durability. The shopping part is actually fun, too—you can virtually try on numerous pairs (with live camera technology that works better than most other brands’) and shop by face shape features, too.

Best Statement-Making Women’s Sunglasses

Tol: Trendy high-quality pairs that stand out

Recently launched Amsterdam label Tol puts a high-fashion spin on old-world sunglasses designs. Pairs are handmade in Italy, using acetate from Mazzucchelli (a sixth-generation Italian producer first known for manufacturing combs and buttons from horn, bone and tortoiseshell) and Zeiss lenses that are lightweight and increase your peripheral vision to put less strain on your eyes. The cool European designs, meanwhile, are entirely modern and of-the-moment.


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