Best Car Technologies of the Last Decade

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The automotive industry has seen a lot of disruptive innovation
over the past ten years. Smart gadgets, electric cars, advanced safety systems, and other car technologies have completely transformed the driving experience.
And as technology continues to advance, so do cars. So what’s different now? Here are some of the car technologies you couldn’t find in cars ten years ago.

1. Driver Assist Systems

Car manufacturers today focus on safety. Most cars come fitted with driver aids such as lane-keep assist, blind-spot alert, reverse brake assist, and lane-departure warnings to protect drivers from accidents. These
advanced systems help reduce driver fatigue and improve their reaction time to road hazards. They are particularly important for people who drive long distances.

2. Electric Vehicles

Ten years ago, fuel-powered vehicles were the norm. But today, electric vehicles (EVs) have taken over. Most manufacturers have started producing them and improving their fast-charging abilities. A
report on global EVs shows that electric cars sales reached $2.1 million globally in 2019, going up by 40%. And as demand increases,
this number will continue rising .

3. Wireless Connectivity

Most new car models have Wi-Fi to allow drivers to stay connected. Cars with Wi-Fi offer a convenient internet connection, allowing people to make hands-free calls. They also provide live traffic updates, access to
emergency services, weather reports, easy navigation, and satellite music.

Over the last decade, manufacturers have been rolling out connected cars that easily share data with devices inside and outside. According to
ABI Research, 91% of new cars
sold in the U.S. are connected. It’s believed that the sale of connected cars will reach $115 million globally in 2025.

4. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

A decade ago, the world was just getting used to smartphones. But today, you can use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for a phone-like experience. The systems are universal and make it easy to use apps and voice
assistants in your car.

A Consumer Report survey on 73,000 people showed that 70% were satisfied with how
Apple CarPlay performed the voice call function, while 64% were satisfied with Android Auto. Voice recognition technology eliminates the need for drivers to use their mobile phones while driving, reducing accidents.

5. Automatic Parking

Every driver has had a problem with parking at one time. To solve this problem, Lexus invented one of the best technologies in the auto world–which has now been adopted by most car manufacturers “Lexus
Park Assist.” Lexus of Watertown stated that their customers love this feature, believing that the
automatic parking feature makes the driving experience much easier.

6. Navigation

Just like smartphone technology, navigation systems have also advanced over the last decade. Drivers no longer have to deal with slow GPS systems, they can access GPS maps in real time. You can view satellite maps
and get traffic updates and driving instructions at the touch of a button. These are some of the latest innovations in the automotive industry, and we expect many more to come. While premium car models will probably
have the best technologies, even standard cars will offer an enhanced driving experience. It will be interesting to see which other car technologies come up in the next decade.

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