Amphicars And Other Classics Rotting On 40 Acre Car Graveyard

These automotive relics of their time are masterpieces of long since forgotten artists but the cars will live on forever.

Barn finds are some of the most exciting phenomena within the car community due to their uncanny ability to present insanely valuable opportunities that would typically be far too expensive for most to afford at a fraction of the cost. Of course, this comes with the downside of the cars being in abysmal shape, with most of these vintage automobiles having spent decades upon decades rotting away between four wooden walls. Nevertheless, this find perfectly epitomizes that innate sense of adventure that is found only when taking on an endeavor into the depths of a car graveyard. So what all is in this forgotten realm of automotive history.


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Most of the truly fascinating stuff appears to be from before 1970, specifically within the ’30s, ’40s, and ’50s eras. This is best shown by one huge work truck nicknamed the Red Radish, whose story is heartwarming. Essentially, the tale goes that a very caring and good-hearted member of a prison’s staff with whom the inmates had built up a substantial relationship. So they bought him the truck and coated it in bright red with the moniker Red Radish painted on the side as a retirement gift. This touching story serves as a reminder that all people can be good and live on as the owner’s token of gratitude from the inmate to him and the beautiful life he led.

Other awesome cars in the collection include the bottom half of an amphibious vehicle that seems to have some Cadillac heritage from the looks of the quarter-panels and a pretty cool hovercraft whose roots are relatively unknown. That being said, we know that it sports the engine from a Volkswagen Beetle, which is a fantastic throwback to when those cars and their parts were still in mainstream automotive use. Finally, the real show stopper here appears to be one small European sports roadster that looks like an MG roadster-type model. All in all, this extensive search has yielded some fantastic results in finding and possibly acquiring a variety of classic vehicles, and we hope to see more of these cars very soon.