23 Best Car Podcasts Every Petrol Head Must Listen In 2022

23 Best Car Podcasts Every Petrol Head Must Listen In 2022

Listening to an Automobile podcast is a great way to stay updated on everything related to wheels.

Hey there! Have you been trying to figure out the most engaging car podcast? If you are also an automobile enthusiast like me and want to learn more about your favourite vehicle, industry news, motorsports activities, etc., then get on board with me.

I took 23 hours to research and listed given podcast about cars. I’m pretty confident you will increase your knowledge and dive deeper into the automotive field. Let’s get started!

1. The Autoblog Podcast

Autoblog.com is the world’s oldest, most trusted & read automobile blog. The editorial team also manages an unbiased automobile podcast, which is listened by millions of users.

The Autoblog Podcast
The Autoblog Podcast

It features podcasts based on ownership experience & latest automobile news with the industry’s leading editors/market experts. In addition, Autoblog.com also features a weekly news recap.

Podcast Stats:

  • About 813 podcasts are live and publishes every week.
  • The average talk length is 63 minutes.
  • The podcast is rated 4.4.


  • One of the oldest players in the industry, so you can trust news sources and advice.
  • Easy to understand conversations. You will feel like sitting among them and discussing cars.
  • You get lots of content under one brand, like blogs, automobile reviews, content/video, etc.


  • People often complain about words used by the host, such as “like”, “umm,” etc.

Learn more about the brand: autoblog.com

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2. Past Gas by Donut Media

Donut Media, a well-known automobile YouTube channel, presents its new podcast “Past Gas”. The Guys at Donut Media are quite famous for mind-blowing stories collected from the different stages of automotive history.

Past Gas by Donut Media
Past Gas by Donut Media

You will also learn about your beloved cars/manufacturers along with interesting facts, background stories and stories about rivalries or partnerships.

It was started in Oct. 2019 and hosted by Joe Weber, Nolan Skyes, and James Pumphrey.

Podcast Stats:

  • There are a total of 172 episodes of this podcast.
  • The average length of one episode is 50 minutes.
  • The podcast is rated 4.9 out of 5 by 6.2k people.


  • Love the knowledge & research on topics.
  • Educational and funny automobile content.
  • You can also watch all podcasts on Donut’s YouTube channel.


  • Don’t stay on topic & I’ve seen similar complaints from other listeners.
  • A little tendency to add political views to automobile content.

Learn more about the brand: donut.media

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3. The Smoking Tire

The motor lovers Matt Farah and Zack Klapman have brought this unedited and unfiltered podcast about the car industry. This podcast is a 90 minutes long show, shot twice a week.

The Smoking Tire
The Smoking Tire

The Smoking Tire covers cars, explorations, behind-the-scenes, the locomotive industry, and other things while making fun of each other “mercilessly.” It also features famous personalities – from automotive to entertainment – to sit and discuss wheels.

As per the website, the show is the number 1 podcast, and a ‘must listen’ for automotive admirers. You can also experience great automotive knowledge during work or a road trip, add-free becoming a Patron.

Podcast Stats:

  • They have shot 783 episodes so far & counting.
  • The average length of the episodes is about 90 minutes.
  • They have a solid rating of 4.8 by 2.4k people on Apple podcasts.


  • I like different variations and knowledge clusters.
  • Guest plays an important role in TST.
  • Anchors Matt & Zack share the best insights.
  • You can also watch all podcasts on Donut’s YouTube channel.


  • Matt brings political & hypocritical views between podcasts, but I think it’s to keep mixed views.

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4. Spike’s Car Radio

Next automobile podcast is quite famous for comedy with cars over coffee. Thanks to the great comedian and automobile fanatics Spike Feresten & Jerry Seinfield.

Spike Car Radio Podcast
Spike Car Radio Podcast

It also features Jonny Lieberman from MotorTrend, The Smoking Tire’s Matt Farah, and lawyer Paul Zuckerman along with several guests from the automobile industry.

Some distinguished celebrities and comedians are a part of this show. Among this list of all the remarkable spots, there is one spot saved for you at Spike’s.

Podcast Stats:

  • Currently, there are a total of 287 episodes on the website and counting.
  • Like other podcasts, the average length is 1 hour approx.
  • They have a good rating of 4.3 out of 5 and many good reviews on their site.


  • Extremely engaging conversations & I also loved the speaker’s diversity.
  • People enjoy comedy + cars during a commute.


  • Like the above shows, you won’t find any structure in this podcast.
  • Lots of advertisements – Other players have integrated it nicely.

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5. The Collecting Car Podcasts with Chris Harris

You should, or I say must, know Chris Harris. He is an authoritative automotive journalist and works as of the main presenters of Top Gear.

The Collecting Car Podcasts with Chris Harris
The Collecting Car Podcasts with Chris Harris

Collecting Car Podcast is one of the most loved podcasts. A duo of Chris Harris and Edward Lovett hosts it. The show contains fun stories, incredible conversations, and insightful discussions with some automobile lovers.

We’ve witnessed a few remarkable people like Co-founder of Hoonigan, Brian Scotto, and William F1 CEO sharing their passion for automobiles, careers and other insights.

Collecting Cars is a global online car auction where you can bid on your favourite cars online. The platform was started in 2020 by Edward Lovett and rated excellent in services like transactions, papers or customer support.

Podcast Stats:

  • The podcast has done 34 episodes and is slowly adding a quality conversion to the thread.
  • The podcasts are from 30 minutes to approximately 2 hours long.
  • They have a good rating of 4.8.


  • Truly engaging; you can’t skip a word from Chris Harris.
  • Exclusive guestlist compared to other podcast channels.


  • Chris Harris is one factor behind the podcast.
  • Podcast upload frequency is quite low compared to rivals.
  • YouTube Podcast is also missing. Sometimes, I want to see the person discussing automobiles. I think they will launch pretty soon.

Learn more about the brand: collectingcars.com

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6. Everyday Driver Car Debate

Everyday Driver Car Debate is hosted by Paul Schmucker and Todd Deeken. With podcasts and other shows, they want to help people find the best vehicle with different criteria, one of which is budget.

Everyday Driver Car Debate
Everyday Driver Car Debate

Todd and Paul debate about cars, adventures, comparisons and also answers viewer dilemmas. I really loved how they described finding a car as enjoying driving rather than finding features such as Bluetooth or a Camera because you get all of them as basics.

Podcast Stats:

  • They have done 789 episodes so far and counting.
  • The length of the podcasts varies from 10 minutes to 1 hour.
  • The podcast has gained a remarkable rating of 4.9.


  • Excellent advice on cars. Literally, you won’t read any specs after listening to these guys.
  • You get educated on lots of concepts, features and mechanicals.
  • Most of the listeners are real car enthusiasts and listen as a community.


  • People often complain about audio, but I didn’t feel any issues.

Learn more about the brand: easydaydriver.com

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7. CarCast

CarCast is an automotive podcast hosted twice a week by Bill Goldberg, Matt, and Adam Carolla. The show is known for diving deeper into all known areas of the automotive sector.

CarCast Podcast
CarCast Podcast

Starting from the performance marketplace, new cars in the market and the industry’s future – Everything is being discussed on this talk show.

You get answers, free advice, and learn about this industry from the remarkable people in this sector.

Podcast Stats:

  • 249 episodes are done on this talk show.
  • The show is rated 4.7 out of 5 by 2.4k people.
  • The average length of the episodes is 50 minutes.


  • These guys discuss in-depth topics, making them stand out from other podcast channels.
  • This podcast helps to solve max of car queries.


  • Sometimes, you do listen to irrelevant topics for a long duration.
  • Irrelevant advertisements that don’t sync with the podcast’s topics.

Learn more about the brand: carcastshow.com

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8. Hooniverse

Hooniverse is an automobile podcast & blog specializing in performance vehicles, wheels and everything engine. The brand was founded in 2009 and operates in Southern California to talk about 2 wheels, 4 wheels and everything wheels.

Hooniverse Podcast
Hooniverse Podcast

Apart from regular talks, Hooniverse also shares stories behind incredible machines & daily experiences around cars.

Podcast Stats:

  • A total of 364 episodes have been done, and more are coming up.
  • The length of the podcast varies from 30 minutes to 1 hour long.


  • Hooniverse audience loves the discussion of classic and new vehicles. This brings them the feeling of a car guy/girl.
  • It gives free automotive advice with social or actual proof.


  • Audio issue.
  • They skip to other random or irrelevant topics. It can be good for some listeners, but I didn’t love it.

Learn more about the brand: hooniverse.com

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9. Autoline After Hours

Autoline After Hours is an unscripted, unapproved and frank automobile podcast. The show is made for people who not only care about their cars but also are interested in the automobile industry and the person behind the brands.

Autoline After Hours Podcast
Autoline After Hours Podcast

Autoline discusses the automotive industry (EV, AV, ICE) with top automobile executives with strong insights & analysis.

Not only are the vehicles introduced a part of the talk, but AAH also put light on what’s new coming to the market. All guests at Autoline come directly from industries with strong positions, such as chief engineers, product planners, and designers.

Podcast Stats:

  • Six hundred thirty episodes are done by them, and more are counting.
  • The podcast has a rating of 4.6 on Apple Podcasts.
  • The average length of podcasts is 1 hour.


  • Autoline After Hours always brings great guests with industry-leading insights.
  • Well-researched and structured format.


So far, I’ve researched and covered the most trusted podcast to listen to while driving. These talk shows will increase your knowledge about automobiles and related industries.

List of other podcasts:

Podcast Name Location Avg. Podcast Length
Car Talk Podcast Cambridge, Massachusetts, US 35 min
Under The Hood show Garretson, South Dakota, US 52 min
EV News Daily | Electric Car Podcast Poole, England, UK 35 min
Everyday Driver Car Debate Park City, Utah, US 44 min
Talking Cars Yonkers, New York, US 25 min
TFLTalk Boulder, Colorado, US 64 min
CarProUSA Radio Show Texas, US 35 min
The Thing About Cars NA 39 min
CAR BROS NA 67 min
The People’s Car NA  77 min
The Auto Detailing Podcast NA 19 min
The Car Tech Garage NA 24 min
Road to Redline | The Porsche and Car Podcast NA 90 min
CarExpert Australia 60 min

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Listing Car Podcasts While Driving

Advantages Disadvantages
It provides entertainment and information to people while they are driving.

This can help make the time spent in the car more enjoyable and serve as a useful source of information on various topics related to cars and driving.

Additionally, a car podcast can be a convenient way to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the automotive industry and can be accessed easily through a smartphone or other portable device.

One potential disadvantage of a car podcast is that it can distract the driver.

Listening to a podcast requires the driver to focus on the podcast’s content, which can take their attention away from the road and potentially increase the risk of an accident.

Additionally, some car podcasts may contain inaccurate or misleading information, which could lead to misunderstandings or incorrect actions on the driver’s part.

Drivers must prioritize safety and avoid engaging in activities that could distract them from driving.

List Of Areas An Automobile Podcast Covers

  • Reviews of the latest car models and technologies.
  • Interviews with automotive industry experts and professionals.
  • Discussions of emerging trends and developments in the automotive industry.
  • Tips and advice for car owners on maintaining and repairing their vehicles.
  • Insights into the history of the automobile and its impact on society.
  • Roundtable discussions on hot-button issues and debates in the automotive world.
  • Coverage of car shows and other automotive events.
  • Profiles of notable car enthusiasts and collectors.
  • Discussions of environmental and sustainability issues related to the automotive industry.
  • Explorations of the future of the automobile and its role in society.


Who is Chris Harris?

Chris Harris is a British automotive journalist and television presenter. He is best known for his work on the television show Top Gear, where he has been a regular host since 2016. Before his work on Top Gear, Harris was a journalist for EVO magazine and a presenter for Fifth Gear. In addition to his work on television, Harris is an experienced race car driver and has competed in several high-profile racing events.

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