Day: November 6, 2021

SEMA Ignited lets car enthusiasts check out vehicles

The Specialty Equipment Market Association convention and trade show ended Friday with a kaleidoscope of pastel, neon, matte and reflective finishes and an orchestra of automotive sounds.

The Friday evening parade of custom cars, pickups, high-lifted trucks, offroaders, sports cars and safari vehicles capped the weeklong SEMA aftermarket car show at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The vrooming vehicles, grumbling low-riders and cracking hot rods entertained the general public who’d paid to experience the SEMA Ignited after-party following the show for industry professionals.

Jemar Cosby of Modesto, California, realized a dream of his by attending the show on Friday.

“I sit at home and YouTube all the time with these shows, and now I get to come to one,” said Cosby, 41.

He and friend Andre Turner traveled from Modesto to catch the show. Turner also watches car shows on YouTube, and Cosby recognized a few people from videos he’s

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