Day: October 8, 2021

The Fantastic ‘Lo-Res Car’ Looks Like A WiFi Router And Is Begging For A Drivetrain Swap

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Photo: Bring A Trailer

Have you ever wondered what the low-polygon cars of a video game played with a crappy graphics card would look like in real life? Wonder no more because the United Nude Lo-Res Car is here to show you what a Lamborghini Countach looks like in very low resolution. It’s for sale, and it’s just begging for a drivetrain swap.

I love bizarre concept cars that actually work. There’s something about the idea of driving around in an artsy cube that makes me laugh. Earlier this year, Cars & Bids sold the street legal and brutal “Consumer Car” that was an old Ford Fiesta underneath. Bring A Trailer now has its own weird art car with this United Nude Lo-Res Car. Check this thing out.

Image for article titled The Fantastic 'Lo-Res Car' Looks Like A WiFi Router And Is Begging For A Drivetrain Swap

Photo: Bring A Trailer

According to the ad, the founder of the United Nude clothing brand drew up

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Auto Trade Taking part in Both Sides In 2020 Election

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Voice-Powered Systems Streamline In-Car Payments

Voice assistants in cars are becoming more like co-drivers, said Christophe Couvreur, vice president, product at Cerence. They’re not only responding to commands, but are also understanding common language and offering solutions. 

Couvreur has been in the midst of these changes for years, as Cerence’s core business is speech technologies and other artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for the automotive industry. It supplies these to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier-1 suppliers of equipment that gets into the car. 

“Wider data connectivity will allow the car to behave in a much smarter way, assisting the driver in a much smarter way,” Couvreur told PYMNTS. 

In recent weeks, Cerence has expanded its work with additional manufacturers, including Audi, where it will power the in-car assistant platform for the new Audi e-tron GT and Audi Q4 e-tron. 

Cerence Pay, the company’s voice-powered, in-car payment product, is available and has been supplied

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