Day: April 21, 2021

Adam Carolla’s Car Collection Is Awesome

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The comedian really knows his stuff…

There’s no denying comedian Adam Carolla is hot property, even more than when he was doing The Man Show. He’s branched out into hosting an incredibly popular podcast, plus he’s written several books. What you might not realize is like so many other comedians, Carolla is a huge gearhead. Even when compared to other celebrities, his car collection shows true depth and knowledge of automotive and motorsport history, something you can’t just buy with piles of cash. For that we truly respect the man and you likely will as well after you see what all he parks in his garage.

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Also, you should know Carolla races his vintage cars, so he doesn’t just let them sit in the garage and gather

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Apple (AAPL) May Reveal Key Details of Its Secretive Apple Car Project at Today’s “Spring Loaded” Event, According to a Credible Source

Apple Car, the iPhone manufacturer’s secretive EV program, has become the subject of a veritable frenzy as the rumor mill suggests that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) may reveal key aspects of its electric vehicle at the “Spring Loaded” event later today.

Bear in mind that a Korean report last week postulated that the Apple Car would be manufactured in collaboration with the joint venture between LG Electronics and Magna International (NYSE:MGA) – the LG Magna e-Powertrain. Should this collaboration materialize, it would allow Apple to better utilize its existing synergies with LG affiliates. Additionally, Apple would then be able to tap into Magna’s substantial manufacturing prowess. As a refresher, Magna already has production contracts with around 45 OEM customers, including Toyota, BMW, Honda, Hyundai, Volvo, Volkswagen (VW), and Fisker (NYSE:FSR). Recently, the company signed an agreement with the Israeli startup REE Automotive to build its

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