2016 Pagani Huayra In Search Of A New Owner

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With only 750 miles on the clock, this is a one of only 100 made.

Pagani is an Italian automotive manufacturer dedicated to building some of the fastest hypercars to hit the European racing circuit. These low-slung high-performance sports cars have made an excellent name for themselves and the brand for being the best cars on the track for many multi-millionaires with a passion for speed. With some very unique styling, these vehicles are also very instantly recognizable and iconic in the automotive community and the world of vehicle sales. If you see one of these cars driving around, you don’t have to wonder what it is because of how noticeable the Pagani design language is.

Of course, this means that cars such as this 2016 Pagani Huayra are becoming extremely rare due to their initially low production numbers and high desirability on the used car market. However, everyone from car collectors to performance craving driving enthusiasts would love to get their hands on one of these hypercars, and now you might have the chance to own one. Powering this incredible masterpiece of automotive design is a 6.0-liter V12 which is pushing out a ridiculous 620 horsepower through the use of two turbochargers. All of that power is transferred through an automatic transmission, allowing for highly efficient transitions between gears.

Performance is a huge focus for this insane hypercar as it boasts considerable power from a great engine and a very driver-focused transmission. However, the interior does not sacrifice any creature comforts as the intricate and attention to detail have been compared to a “swiss watch.” This is quite a just comparison as the inside of this vehicle is all about the driver. It creates a very pleasing and comfortable aesthetic while providing all the information you need to control this high-power lightweight machine. Despite the rarity and desirability of this great car, it’s currently up for auction as it awaits a new owner to take the wheel.

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