1979 Lincoln Mark V Is A Luxury Cruiser Classic

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Whether you’re looking for a car that will hold its value or a comfortable weekend cruiser for the family, this car is exactly what you need.

Recently, in 2022, the luxury automotive market has been experiencing some rough times as gas prices increase and the demand for new cars has practically hit rock bottom because of skyrocketing inflation. Not to be a downer, but this has made it extremely difficult to get a well-priced luxury vehicle in the United States. However, the collector car market has been a notable exception to that rule as car enthusiasts have always bought certain cars because of their love for all things automotive rather than out of necessity. This means that classic luxury cars have been going up in value and are now one of the best things for an automotive enthusiast to have. They can provide an excellent long-term investment while offering plenty of comforts and driving for the price.

This particular car is the perfect example of that as, if bought at auction, a good condition Lincoln Mark V like this one from 1979 can be had and kept for a pretty reasonable price. Along withholding some of the best luxury technology from its era and plenty of comforts to match, the car also looks very sharp. Classics like this always focus on what the vehicle was best at in its prime. With this particular car, that thing was looking good. Every hard-hitting body line on this incredible land yacht has been perfectly preserved and kept in excellent condition by an owner who cared for it well. Even the smooth pink paint has retained its original glory after decades of being driven around.

Of course, cars like this were always meant to be driven, which is precisely why the owner spent plenty of time in the driver’s seat. Eventually, the car racked up a total of 73,200 miles which sounds like a lot until you realize that a ton of work has been done to maintain the mechanical integrity of this vehicle. This includes things like an entire radiator overhaul, not to mention that these cars were pretty abundant in their day, and you should be able to find spare parts at a meager cost if any issues arise. Generally speaking, this is a great long-term investment and a fantastic car for any enthusiast looking to get into a classic luxury car for a reasonable price.

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