1970 Plymouth GTX Revived From Decades Of Hibernation

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This incredible car is a piece of American automotive history with a touching backstory.

The 1970 Plymouth GTX was one of America’s first muscle cars that embraced the high-performance focus prevalent in the early 1970s. Models such as the Roadrunner and Barracuda set the stage for Plymouth to become the leading performance manufacturer in the nation. This was expressed in sales figures as the stripped-down high horsepower muscle cars became even more popular as time went by. Unfortunately, we all know where the story ended for these beloved American icons as the raging oil crisis eventually overtook the automotive industry and created an anti-automotive movement. These cars represented true freedom for the masses, and for many, they still do, but all good things must inevitably come to an end. When you find one hidden, you have to expect you’ll at least need the best floor liners you can find, and get to work.

Of course, just because they stopped making the cars doesn’t mean that they no longer exist. Barn finds happen every day as the number of enthusiasts looking to get their hands on a stunning piece of automotive history skyrockets. This is precisely the case with this incredibly well-preserved 1970 Plymouth GTX, whose original state seems to have been kept together fantastically. Essentially the story goes that the original owner’s son, unfortunately, passed away when he was younger, and the parents decided to put the car away for safekeeping. Nowadays, the vehicle is ready to get back on the road as the vehicle is going to a new owner.

Decades of dirt and debris have covered the entire exterior of this insane vehicle as it has been sitting since 1974 without even so much as a start in that time. As far as we know, restoration doesn’t seem to be short for this iconic vehicle, but it should be back to running just as well as it did initially. After just four years of driving, this car gained a massive 33,000 miles on the odometer, which is a refreshing sight as it means that this car lived an entire life before its storage in ’74. Under the hood sits the famous 440 ci V8, which is connected to an automatic transmission, making this car an enjoyable vehicle to drive. Here’s hoping that this car goes to a good home.

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