15 Best Campervan Bed Ideas For Van Conversion In 2022


Considering latest campervan bed ideas for the next Van conversion?

A bed is a place where you will spend most of the camping time & it should be comfy.

Earlier, I covered interior ideas for vans and related tips. In this article, I will help you choose the right bed type with configuration ideas.

Now, many of you who are not full-time RVers might not be aware of the effective usage of space available in a van, and if not pre-planned, it will provide you lesser than what you have thought.

Keeping a different kind of #Vanlifers in mind, I’ve listed 15 best ideas, including types (flat, bunk, sofa, etc.), made (permanent, flexible, or folding beds) to make your campervan functional and creatively unique.

Whatever you do, wherever you go, you must not compromise your sleep quality because an active mind enjoys nature way better than sleepy heads.

Read all these practical bed ideas for campervan and select the right one. Wait! Before moving forward, let’s understand bed types and the selection process.

Different Kinds Of Beds Available For Vans

It is recommended to look for types of beds before making a final decision.

To design your van bed within the given space, you must know about the dimensions, brands, wood type, etc. Although selecting a type of bed is more of a personal decision as it adds to the interiors and practicality of the van.

There are main 2 types of RV beds – permanent or convertible.

  • Permanent Beds: These types of beds come in fixed shapes and sizes. You don’t need to assemble or configure every morning. Do you want to lie down? It is all set for you to snuggle into it.
  • Convertible beds: As the name suggests, convertible beds can be customized according to requirements. These bed types include – Sofa, Folding, etc.). You need to assemble whenever you want to rest or sleep. These beds are major space savers, especially while traveling with kids.

Design your van with EASE!

How To Select The Right Size Bed?

To select the size right size bed, you must think about a few questions.

  • Working or relaxing: The kind of bed you choose depends on whether you are working from RV or on an adventure. If working, then a folding van bed might work best for you; if not, a permanent flatbed is good.
  • With Family or Solo Camping: You want the space or not; it depends on the rush inside your van. Having a fixed bed with kids can sure be trouble; folded beds will allow them to play and enjoy their trip.
  • Spacious or non-Spacious: Before installing a bed, you have to determine what kind of space your van layout allows you to have. You might not be able to have a full-size fixed bed or a convertible bed because of the available space. You will have to customize your bed according to the available space in this case.

List Of 15 Best Campervan Bed Ideas In 2022

1. Seat ‘n’ Folding Bed

What kind of bed will be the most suitable when you don’t even need a full-time bed? The answer to this question is a folding or seating bed. If you need a bed only at night and a couch at other times, get yourself two comfy couches and place them parallel to each other in the daytime.

Seat ‘n’ bed camper bed
Seat ‘n’ bed camper bed

At night, pull them closer, place a comfy bedsheet over them, and just like that, you have a comfy bed ready to put you to sleep. The cushions will save you some space as you can use them as pillows.

2. Platform Bed

Platform beds are considered one of the most regular beds for campervans. It doesn’t need assembling and any layout configurations. It stays in a dedicated fixed place, elevated from the room, and leaves storage space to keep your things under it.

Platform camper bed
Platform camper bed

Although it shortens the space a bit as it is already fixed, and you cannot move it in the daytime, it also allows great storage space. Also, if you are planning to install a platform bed, do check the distance from the ceiling to keep your sleep time comfortable and dreamy.

3. Stylish Bunk Beds

If you are traveling with your family, then one bed is not going to be enough for sure, and it goes without saying that a campervan doesn’t allow such space where you can manage to have more than a single bed.

Bunk camper  beds
Bunk camper beds

In this situation, a van bunk bed is what comes to your rescue. You can have two bunk beds together or simply have one bunk bed over your platform bed.

Now, with different people, trip demands different adjustments. The idea of campervan bunk beds might not work for couples, but if you are traveling with kids, then this setup is good to go.

4. Spacious Murphy Beds

You might have heard these names earlier, such as wall beds, fold-down beds, or pull-down beds. This kind of bed works as a multifunctional furniture. Murphy beds are hinged vertically at one side of the wall to save space.

Murphy camper beds
Murphy camper beds

You can install murphy beds and pull them down whenever you want to use them. The cover, mattress, pillow, etc. will all go with the bed while putting it back vertically. If installing this, you will be short on space for wall cabinets or closets but go for it if you want more roof space.

5. Convertible Beds

A convertible bed is a type of bed that can be folded back when it is not in use. If you plan to have more than two people in your van, you will need space for sofas, dining, etc. As given in the image, a convertible bed setup allows you space while camping in the woods.

Convertible camper beds
Convertible camper beds

6. Bench ‘n’ Table Bed

A bench with a table setup is pretty common among RVers and even in minivans. One who demands a comfortable and steady space for work can install this.

Bench ‘n’ table camper bed
Bench ‘n’ table camper bed

The table helps you keep your files and device steady, while the bench will work as a sitting spot during the day, and at night, it can be used as a sleeping spot. While being comfortable, you can utilize the space of your campervan.

7. Slide-Out Platform Bed

Do you need to get your bed out while your van is parked? The idea of lying down on your bed comfortably in the breezy air of nature fills you with amazement. Such an idea can be turned into reality with the sliding-out platform bed design.

Slide-out platform camper bed
Slide-out platform camper bed

A platform bed is pushed even against the back wall of the campervan. When you have parked your van in a cool place, you can pull down this unique design bed and lie down on it, restfully being in the lap of nature. This design is awesome for book readers and easy to configure for regular and minivans.

8. Drawbridge Style Bed

Drawbridge style camper bed
Drawbridge style camper bed

This kind of bed is a bit similar to the design of Murphy beds. When not in use, the drawbridge style mattress goes back to the sidewall, but, unlike Murphy beds, the mattress here doesn’t go completely vertically on the side but stays in an accordion shape. Though this saves better space than Murphy beds, it is fairly hard to assemble than Murphy beds.

9. Couch beds

Camper couch beds
Camper couch beds

People who need to stay in vans for a bit long come with different situations and, hence, different adjustments. Couch bed is again such adjustment done by the Vanlifers for them. Two couches are installed parallel in the van, which can be used as sitting spots during the daytime. A hard mattress can be laid over them when one needs to lie down. The full-size hard mattress will be held in place by the two couches, and it can be used for sitting or lying down.

10. Customized Beds

Not everyone in the van needs a square or rectangular bed; all the vans come with different spaces and settings that might allow you to fix your spots as you want them to be.

Customized camper beds
Customized camper beds

You can customize or DIY the space yourself as your van allows; if you cannot install a full-size bed or two parallel couches, you can customize your bed too.

For example, you can install an L-shaped bed, if not a full-size, that will also give you enough space to lie down and sit easily.

11. Bench Twin Beds

If you are not carrying a mattress in your campervan and the idea of a bed is not that comfortable for you, I still have got you covered. Talking about bench twin beds, these beds can be folded like a sofa for sitting and then stretched out for lying down. Each bench has two mattresses, which look like a sofa when folded.

If you place two benches parallel to each other, they will meet and make a double bed when you stretch them. This setup can be a good choice for many travelers.

Bench Twin Beds
Camper bench twin beds

12. Flip Out Beds

If you need maximum space in your van, you can opt for flip-out beds. These beds are folding wooden beds with wooden platforms and a backrest at the backside. When the platform is stretched out, the backrest work as legs of the bed, and when the platform is not stretched, it can be used as a couch and as a good-sized bed later.

Camper flip out beds
Camper flip out beds

Though these beds don’t allow much storage space, you will need space to store the mattress and cushions. You have to set it up every night, but this bed is very easy to set up.

13. Backside Bed

A permanent backside bed is one of the most comfortable beds for travelers. You do not need to set it up every time. You want to lie down, and it is already there, waiting for you.

Backside camper bed
Backside camper bed

This bed allows you a large amount of storage space under it which can also be used as a garage where you can store your outdoor gear or such things. The only drawback here is that you are not allowed much space for the seating area.

So, if you are thinking of traveling with lots of people, it might not work great, but if it is only you, you can use the bed for the seating.

14. Rock ‘N’ Roll Bed

Rock n roll small van bed idea is something you must have already seen or heard about. This bed is the heart of campervans, where you get a seat that effortlessly turns into a double bed.

Rock ‘n’ roll camper bed
Rock ‘n’ roll camper bed

If you have chosen a compact van to travel, it will be great as you have just got to stretch it length-wise. You can also store extra units if you are looking forward to using more passenger seats. Similar to Bankside beds, these beds provide maximum comfort to RVers.

15. Stylish Hammocks

A hammock is next item to decorate your van & reason to ditch the bed. It is classy, stylish, and doesn’t create space issues. You can place the hammock inside the van or place it near the window, which will allow you to have the joy of watching the scenery while lying.

You can put fairy lights near your hammock to enhance or romanticize this. It will serve a great look under the skyscraper or near the window.

Hammocks inside campervan
Hammocks inside campervan

5 Things To Focus While Installing A Camper Van Bed

  • One thing to keep in mind is if you can comfortably lay down and sit on your bed. Your bed must not be so close to something that your head or legs keep bumping into it every time.
  • The next step is to check the distance between the roof and your bed for elevated platform beds. Your bed must not be so close to the ceiling that it makes you feel suffocating between the bed and the ceiling.
  • Check out the size of the mattress according to your bed. A right size mattress looks good and saves space too.
  • Figure out the storage area in your van to keep the mattress and cushions if opting for a convertible bed.
  • Think about how much handwork you can do. If you find it difficult to assemble the bed every night, you must go for easier arrangements.

Design your van with EASE!


I’ve listed campervan bed ideas and their related advice, or you can say suggestions with pictures. So far, you should have gotten a basic idea about setting up a comfortable van bed.

Even if you are not thinking of picking any decent idea from the list, you got some inspiration before converting your van and what kind of bed you need to install.


What is the ideal weight of a van bed?

Van weight limit depends on the brand, model & manufactured year. You need to check the manufacturer’s user manual to check the exact payload.

What wood should I use to build a bed frame?

Keeping weight limit in mind, you should pick stripped natural wood boards for bed base and maple, sherry, and teak wood for other construction such as frame, top, etc.

Can adults sleep in Van bunk beds?

Considering the weight lifting and width capacity of a van bunk bed, an adult with a height between 5’5 to 6’5 can fit easily.


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