1300lb 650hp WOLF vs Ken Block’s AWD 1400hp Mustang

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It’s a lightweight showdown.

Hoonigan is one of the most remarkable automotive groups in the American automotive enthusiast community because of its pure focus on having fun and building connections with real car enthusiasts. This has made these guys icons within the vast world of automotive fun which have even branched out into the videogame industry as cars like the Hoonicorn have become very popular within the racing video game culture. This has led the Hoonicorn to become a massive character in games such as CSR2 and other games where the car can be driven and raced. This inspired the Hoonicorn vs. the world series in which the famous drift build tackles some of the world’s fastest vehicles in a drag race.

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This is one of the superb examples of that incredible series as an accurate blooded open wheel race car lines up with the famous Mustang. Powering this insane 2018 WOLF GB08 TSC-LT is a Honda K20 inline-four, fitted with a massive turbocharger kit to make 650 horsepower. This may seem like small fries compared to the 1,400 horsepower Hoonicorn, but the weight differences are insane. While the Hoonicorn weighs in at a pretty impressive 2,998lbs, the WOLF race car is only 1,300lbs, giving it a 0.5 power to weight ratio instead of the .467 percentage. Will this slight increase be enough to provide the WOLF with the win?

It would appear based on the first race between the pair that the AWD in some way, shape, or form heavily assisted the Hoonicorn as it pulled ahead to the first place position. However, traction is the main predictor of success as the second saw a tide change in the WOLF race car’s favor. In the 1000ft roll race, the open-wheel car took the first place prize with elegance and grace. However, the final race was a complete twist, with the Hoonicorn taking the lead due to driver error on the part of the opposing driver. This insane race is proof that the power to weight ratio is not always the deciding factor in a drag race, and it is a pretty remarkable feat of engineering on the part of the Hoonigan team.

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