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According To You: 10 automotive factoids you should never forget


Sajeev Mehta

02 June 2022

As time progresses, every industry has a way of innovating in hopes of advancing our way of living. These are not always huge leaps, and we tend to forget the smaller innovations in favor of the big ones. The small-block V-8 is pivotal to a popular subculture, but what about the importance of the very first pushrod V-8 from the 1917 Chevrolet Series D? Or perhaps the first cast aluminum wheel on the 1924 Bugatti Type 35, complete with integral brake drum that used the wheel as integral heat sinks?

This is why I asked the Hagerty Community for their favorite nugget of automotive trivia. The responses were outstanding. I have selected a handful below, but do yourself a favor and read them all by clicking here.  Haven’t joined the Hagerty Community yet? Well that’s unfortunate, as we are all looking forward to Read More

EV tax credit goes point-of-sale, utility-meter home charging, Florida infrastructure: Today’s Car News


Siemens aims to manufacture a workaround for EV-charger property electrical-panel updates. Florida bulks up on EV charging infrastructure. And a re-upped EV tax credit history could give an quick raise to GM and Tesla. This and extra, here at Green Auto Studies. 

The EV tax credit history expansion is back, and it’s once again a probability. Less than a Senate proposal anticipated to go, this time the 200,000-vehicle cap would be lifted—bringing GM, Tesla, and Toyota autos again to entire qualification—while motor vehicle-price and domestic-cash flow caps would be used. Although the credit score would maintain at $7,500—with $4,000 for used EVs—it would be produced a issue-of-sale quantity less than a mechanism nevertheless to be labored out.

Citing facts suggesting that approximately fifty percent of U.S. homes may possibly not be in a position to guidance the set up of a standard (40- to 60-amp) Stage 2 AC charger

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The GearBox: An M3 Wagon Wardrobe


Ultimately answering the demands of all auto fans all over the planet, BMW made a scene in the automotive market by launching the all-new M3 Touring. The performance wagon blends the consolation of a storage-pleasing wagon with the observe-like effectiveness that every single era of M3 is recognised for generating. This week’s GearBox particular focuses all around putting together the perfect convenience in good shape that also incorporates a efficiency feel for any aggressive celebration. This list attributes head-to-toe designs produced working with top quality products with graphics supplied by the creative group at BMW. Shop all of the products and equipment in this special by clicking on the back links down below for more information and facts. Look at again into duPont REGISTRY for additional impending luxurious way of living news and Examine The Spec specials.

BMW M3 Touring

M3 Touring 1

The first-at any time BMW M3 Touring combines

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