Kevin Hart Now Owns SpeedKore Built 1970 Charger With 1000-HP

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This one has seat-belts.

Kevin Hart has impeccable taste in cars, especially muscle cars, with an affinity for Dodge muscle car, specially old school Dodge muscle cars. The comedian first became a subject of Motorious coverage back a few years ago when he gifted his touring entourage their favorite collectible cars, and went on to captivate our readers with his saga of the 1970 ‘Cuda, known as “Menace”, both when he bought it, when someone else wrecked it while he was in the passenger seat, and the chaos that unfolded. Now, Kevin Hart has embarked on a new automotive journey behind the wheel of a 1000-horspower 1970 Dodge Charger.

Have you ever wondered what happened to the infamous wrecked ‘Cuda, read the update here.

SpeedKore built the full carbon fiber body Mopar muscle car, dubbed “Hellraiser”, with a 7.0-liter Hellephant enigne

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‘If you have an extra car to sell, there may never be another time greater than this’

By Weston Blasi

The average cost of a used car or truck has surpassed $20,000, a 10% increase over the past 12 months

The used car market is booming.

The average cost of a used car or truck has surpassed $20,000 (link), a 10% increase over the past 12 months.

The surge may not be slowing down anytime soon due to low supply and high demand (link) issues in the automobile industry. Cox Automotive, which owns Kelley Blue Book and, estimates that demand for used vehicles has doubled since last March.

Rental car companies struggled (link)in 2020 because of the pandemic and as a result Hertz (HTZGQ), Enterprise and others bought fewer new cars — and sold more of their existing fleets. In addition, recent production issues (link) for many automakers, and an influx of federal stimulus checks (link)

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Old Volvo Wagons Are a V-8 Swap From Serious Speed

From Car and Driver

From the June 1997 issue of Car and Driver.

“I’m a little worried if you mention Paul Newman,” says Ross Converse, a former aircraft mechanic whose primary business since 1988 has been selling simple kits to slot Mustang V-8s into rear­-drive Volvos.

Converse, a soft-spoken 46-year-old Mainer, is more concerned that Indy-car team owner and actor Newman will be angry with him for divulging a secret: Known fast-car lover and salad-dressing-­and-salsa salesman Newman tools around his home base in Connecticut in a V-8-powered Volvo 960 wagon built by Converse.

See, one of the advantages of having a V-8-powered Volvo, especially in the Northeast, is that Swedish cars blend into the traffic like Toyotas in Tokyo. Cops and autograph hounds normally tend not to notice ubiquitous Volvo station wagons.

The other reason is this: A Volvo wagon weighs only 100 pounds more with an

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Consumer Studies Names Best Automobile In Each Section For 2018

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Operations take care of the way in which the autos are operated, and the procedures set for this objective, together with financing, legalities, and policies. … Read More