Russian Oligarch Sees His Bulletproof Mercedes-Maybach Seized in Italy

The world has been slamming Russia and those linked to president Vladimir Putin with sanctions since the war started in Ukraine. Now a Russian oligarch could only watch the Italian authorities seizing his bulletproof Mercedes-Maybach S-Class.

Russian billionaire, mining and telecoms tycoon, also a former shareholder of Arsenal London soccer club and one of Vladimir Putin’s main supporters, Alisher Usmanov used to own a Mercedes-Maybach S 650 as well. Italian newspaper Corriere de la Sera reports that the car is now under the control of the authorities.

The authorities have impounded the black Mercedes-Maybach S 650 with VR10 protection level in Sardinia, an island in the Mediterranean Sea.

The 5-tonne Maybach is worth approximately 600,000 euros or around $670,000, Business Insider reports. It came with 10-centimeter thick windows and armor plating and is supposedly capable to protect occupants from bullets and explosives.

According to L’Unione Sarda, a real-estate complex in

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A ride in a self-driving Mercedes, thanks to Drive Pilot

Driver assistance features on the market today will steer the car for you and can adjust its speed with the accelerator and brake, but there’s an important catch: You have to always supervise it, even for capable hands-off-the-wheel systems such as General Motors’ Super Cruise and Ford’s BlueCruise. But that’s changing, thanks to an impressive new offering from Mercedes-Benz, which can finally take over complete responsibility for operating the car under very specific circumstances, freeing the driver to stare at their phone to their heart’s content.

Mercedes-Benz has developed the world’s first production car with what’s called SAE Level 3 driver assistance, and will deliver these vehicles to US customers later this year. Popular Science had the chance to ride along in a Mercedes EQS EV equipped with what the company calls Drive Pilot as it slogged through Los Angeles freeway traffic. The car’s ability to negotiate its way between

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N.C. Gov. Cooper Outlines VinFast Deal – Auto Trends Magazine

VinFast set to establish a presence in central North Carolina.

We reported earlier this week that VinFast, a Vietnamese automotive manufacturer, was planning to build a manufacturing plant in Chatham County, North Carolina. On Tuesday, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper along with Vingroup Vice-Chair and VinFast Global CEO Le Thi Thu Thuy formally announced those plans which will create 7,500 new jobs.

For its part, Vinfast will invest up to $2 billion for the first phase of the project. As mentioned previously, VinFast will occupy a portion of the Triangle Innovation Point mega-site in Chatham County, which is reachable via US Highway 1. Unlike the earlier deal with Toyota, this one will establish a full car manufacturing plant, the state’s first.

“North Carolina is quickly becoming the center of our country’s emerging, clean energy economy,” said Governor Cooper. “VinFast’s transformative project will bring

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Stolen classic car more than just a car for father, daughter

A dream car is missing. After years of fixing up a 1957 Chevy, someone stole an Oklahoma City family’s classic car.The car was more than just a possession, however, when it was stolen from a parking lot. Laura McCutchen came back about 40 minutes after parking her car in the lot and it was gone.”When I pulled up and me and my friend didn’t see it, it was like, my heart just sank way down in my chest it’s just gone,” she said.She was heartbroken. It was more than just a car to Laura and her father, Joshua.”It’s a bond between me and him. It’s something our relationship is built on,” she said.Joshua and Laura restored the car over years of hard work. “We reworked some of the inside. We also put power breaks, power steering; we kinda made it into a more modern vehicle so I feel like she … Read More