Year: 2021

Two Legends Combine To Create This Beautiful 1971 Hellcat Cuda

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What do you think of this Hellcat swapped muscle car?

707 is a number known all too well in the automotive community, that number has been the namesake of the most powerful and insane production car in automotive history. The sound of the insane 6.2-liter supercharged V8 Hemi screaming and growling as it burns tires down the road is the stuff of legend.

So it is only fair that the screaming demon must meet another American muscle icon. We’re talking about the Barracuda, more specifically the Cuda. This predecessor to the famous Barracuda became a legend in the muscle car community for sporting the greatest engine of its time, the 426 Hemi. What we have is the pairing of two cars who were both the greatest cars of their time, brought together to create a beautiful monster.

Built by Andy Leach over

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‘Smart Car Leads’ Provides the Automotive Industry a 360-Degree Solution to Client Acquisition

‘Smart Car Leads’ Provides the Automotive Industry a 360-Degree Solution to Client Acquisition

The growing digitalization of the entrepreneurial space has revolutionized how the automotive industry works. People’s increasing reliance on online-based channels and their demands for a digitally-enhanced experience when looking for their next purchase have pushed ventures to implement measures designed to meet consumer needs. Highly cognizant of the changes in the landscape, Smart Car Leads have made it its mission to equip the automotive industry with the tools it needs to keep up. 

Since its launch, Smart Car Leads have consistently delivered its promise to provide solutions to reduce the time and monetary effort needed to acquire new clients. Its establishment rests on the recognition of the existing gaps in the automotive industry and the issues caused by the pandemic, including dried-up showrooms. In the face of the challenges brought about by the outbreak, the role of digital technology shone even more, and without it, a significant number of businesses

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Hyundai i20 is the Indian Car of the Year 2021: From the event

Since its inception in 2005, the Indian Car of the Year (ICOTY) award is the most prestigious accolade sought by every car manufacturer in India.

a group of people standing in front of an airplane: ICOTY 2021

ICOTY 2021

In 2021, a glittering ceremony attended by select stalwarts of the Indian automotive industry attended the 16th edition of the ICOTY awards held at the Andaz Hotel at the Aerocity in New Delhi.

Held under strict social distancing and sanitization guidelines given the circumstances, the attendance was kept very exclusive.

The Hyundai i20 was crowned the Indian Car of the Year 2021, and the award was collected on behalf of HMIL by S. S. Kim, MD & CEO, HMIL, Tarun Garg, director, sales and marketing, HMIL and DH Park, executive director, sales and marketing, HMIL.

The Hyundai i20 was awarded the coveted ICOTY 2021 while the Kia Sonet gave the i20 good competition and with 91 points, it took home second place. Behind

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Musk Says Tesla, Ford Are Only American Automakers Never To Go Bankrupt

Elon Musk made Twitter the new automotive CEO platform. Herbert Diess is there. Jim Farley too. That created a rich environment for some public interactions between them. The latest one was when Musk named Tesla and Ford as the only American companies never to have gone bankrupt until now.

Musk did that in reply to a Sam Korus tweet that showed how big car manufacturing business failures were until 1927. Among those early thousands of automotive startups, Musk said Ford was the only one to beat the odds.


The last company to do that was Tesla, something Musk also celebrated when he stressed his company was the last one to achieve mass manufacturing in 100 years. The Tesla CEO said that a while ago. More recently, he did that in his interview with Sandy Munro in which he recognized some of the flaws that Tesla vehicles present, especially when

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